billy connelly

13 things we all hate…

Number thirteen…reminds me of…

When I was working on the scaffolding at the Rolling Stones Concert Stage Build.

It was my turn to go get the Breakfast, off I go and find a McDonalds at 7am…in I go, the only one in there so off I go and start giving the order over…now Im working with 14 blokes !! and it went something like this :=

“Morning” !!..

“Good Morning”…“What can I get you” ?

“Ok I,ll have” :=

14 Double Sausage and Egg McMuffins

6 Bacon and Egg McMuffins

10 Hash Browns

12 Fresh Orange Juice

13 Coffees

and a Tea.

“Please” !!

The Retard behind the Counter looks round, place is empty, looks at me and says “Is that eat here or take away” !!!

LOL at both of you hahahahahahahahahahaha

Thanks for that, had me falling off my chair…

No8 has to be the one for me lmao

lmfao!!! they are two top posts!!!