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So what biking or bike related websites do you frequent? I used to go to MCN and Visordown a lot, but to be honest the quality of both has sunk.

MCN seems to be a repeat of 5 Ways to own #####. Top 5 or 10 items (which you can buy from us at a markup), ride ### miles promotion. The fleet reviews which they have for a year should be a good in-depth look at a bike may get 3 or 5 short articles, sometimes actually nothing to do with the bike.

Visordown just has a lot of “Viral” posts, and most of the articles don’t seem interesting. And having auto playing videos is really fecking annoying.

I really missed Kevin Ash on Bikes. It was tragic he died. His site was brilliant and his reviews/writing was spot on. Partly because of his review I looked at the test rode the KTM 990SMT.

So what other biking websites should I be looking at? What sites you like, or dislike?




Maybe we should bring our news/article service back.

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Please do! I thought that was a great loss on the upgrade…

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hopefully its an easier process this time! :sweat:

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Only here and A&R. I listen to a couple of biking podcasts too.


I’ve been buying Ride magazine again. Other than here the internet is mostly biking noise. YouTube especially is pretty dire. Moto vloggers are the worst kind.


I used to read Ride, and Bike. I read both for years, but found both rather lacking, and started reading Motorcycle Sport & Leisure. But again it seems to have lost something over time.

Will have to have a look at A&R.


Adventurebiker isn’t bad, in my opinion. And maybe horizonsunlimited site…


Hare and Hound magazine special internet offer of £9.99 for four monthly issues!


I was expecting something raunchy.


You know what the say about horse girls…


Neigh? Do tell…