Biking - Way of life or Hobby?

For me its the former, I’ve never considered bikes as a “hobby” or think on my bike as another “posession”. It always seems strange when I hear someone call it a Hobby, makes me think of stamp collecting or nitting. Knitting

I’m pissed off when it rains and happy when its dry. I HATE being off the road and I’ve never owned a car. And talking of Motorcyle its about time I put my air filter back in!

Its just a hobby for me.
Never heard of it being refered to as a hobby, does sound a bit strange now that you’ve mentioned it.

This is a very interesting question ChrisDee! It’s always been a way of life for me personally, but I can see why it’s just a casual interest to others. We all have different priorities in life, but it’s great that we can all share biking and get so much from it.

a way of life for me. i use the bike much more than the car and i agree with jay, once you get that real feeling of biking, it can’t be anything else but a way of life.

It’s A Way Of Life for me… I don’t think I could EVER be without a bike… I miss it sooooo much if I go on holiday or am not able to ride for one reason or another…

For me it was somthing I’d wanted to do for a long time, so I’d say it started out as a hobby. I wanted to be better at it, so rode more and did advanced courses. It’s now a way of life, for sure. I ride anytime all the time, in almost any weather.

Intially it was an interest/hobby but now its a way of life.

Cars and bikes can be both hobbys or necessities in this day and age. However anyone on this forum clearly has a greater interest otherwise they wouldnt bother with the meets or ride outs and would just go from a - b!

It started out when I was only a youngster (still am, lol) as a hobby, motocross and learning different things in biking altogether. Now I find its a WAY OF LIFE as I’m always out in any weather conditions and trying to make the most of riding in any one day! I love the riding sensation although sometimes I do wish I was in a car but it really is a great experience and being with loads of people whom love the same thing is great. It really is more of a community other then a form of transport!

Anybody who hasn’t ridden will NOT understand and it amazes me why? I tried to explain to Grace why it was so great but she wasn’t seeing eye-to-eye and thought we were just speed freaks, lol!


I’ve been fascinated with bikes for as long as I can remember…My Dad always had street bikes and some of my earliest memories are of riding pillion with him on his big Kawasaki through the hills of New Hampshire. I couldn’t have been but 5 or 6 years old. I remember getting my first 50cc dirt bike not long after getting the training wheels off my bicycle. LOL

I’ve had a dirt bike, ATV or street bike (often some combination of all three) throughout my life…I suppose I always will.

I just LOVE to ride. :shrug

I was never really into biking. Cars were always more exciting for me. Until I rode abike for the first time…And now although I still love fast cars, riding a bike is not only a commuting, it’s fun and more than a hobby. And a good way…to spend LOADS of money

life without a bike? Im-puckin’-fossible. My bikes are glued to my bum-cheeks as it were

For the first fews years of my “road-legal” life, my bike was my only form of transport - wind/rain/sun/snow…I rode in everything (one year my moustache even froze to the inside of my helmet…ouch!!).

A quarter of a century on, and it’s still in my blood. I still love being out on the bike, and I steal as many moments as I can; but with a very time-consuming, high mileage & demanding job - plus 2 small children - the cars get used so much more than the bike ever will!!

I’m loathe to call it a hobby, though - it’s SO much more than that. I guess I’d have to describe biking as part of my overall way of life…!

I know that sounds like a bit of a cop-out, but that’s how it is for me!

Way of life for me. Tell the girlfriend its a hobby though ;-)))

Way of life definitely! Can’t live without a bike, no way! Need better weather though…

B2T… Join me in Milan. You any good at IT strategies?