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Biking plans over the Xmas break

Xmas to New Year, what are your plans for getting out on your bike?

I won’t be going far, into town for a ride around the sights, maybe to see the Xmas lights and a coffee at Bar Italia after.

Very little, just nipping in and out of town for last minute shopping and the like, might drop into London to check on Mum’s place.

I got my December quota in by way of the IBA UK Sunrise to Sunset ride on 21st December, the shortest day, winter solstice or winter equinox call it what you will. This year’s challenge was a 400+ mile 7 hour 47 minute ride from the 08:00 sunrise in Norwich England to a 15:47 sunset in Dumfries Scotland via Wrexham Wales. With another 400+ miles thrown in to get to and from the start and finish making it an 800+ mile two day sortie.

Next year’s challenge, 21st December 2022, is a 250 mile, 6 hour 55 minute ride from the 08:48 sunrise in Peterhead, Scotland to a 15:43 sunset at Neist Point on the Isle of Skye. Add in the get to/from start/finish mileage and its a 1,500 mile three day sortie from London.

Anyone interested?


Great Christmas escape on the 28th December - Dirty biking on Salisbury plain for charity


Rode to a couple of family members on Christmas Day. Was nice! Not much traffic and dry roads. Whoop. Going out to see one again shortly to get a gift that needs returning (:cry:) and then who knows!


Also managed a cheeky Christmas Day ride. It was beautiful up here in Stirling, with so much wet weather previously and forecast, I just had to make the most of it. Similarly, the roads were pretty quiet, wasn’t too chilly, just a spot of frost high up and snow on the distant mountains. These shots were from nice spots near Crieff.

I definitely need to get out more, I’ve turned into a weekend rider now I’m WFH permanently and even then only on odd weekends due to weather and it getting dark soon after 4pm right now. Should get better in the Spring, explore the Highlands and do some nice even rides after work etc.


I’m green with envy.

Nice one Jay.

Bike looks very clean