Biking Anthems

Its Bike related its general, I had better hope I got this in the right area.

Barro’s anthem appears never to have been announced.

But, what are your best biking / biker tracks ?

Great balls of fire! Whilst riding round heathrow with planes taking off over your head PMSL!

Motorcycle Man by Saxon

Love it or hate it Bat out of hell has to be on the list…

Oh, I so wondered when it would get added, should have money on it being the first page.

Not even the biggest fan of the 'loaf or that track, brain aint working in this heat to think of another track

Two of my faves are Killer on the Loose by Thin Lizzy and I Predict A Riot by the Kaiser Chiefs.

Something to do with my riding style perhaps

All rock so far, (which IMHO is good). any aternative music fans with thier own idea of biking anthems?

I’ve got some pretty good hardcore trance which sounds good on the road - I’d never be able to remember the names though without looking.

Apart from that, can’t go wrong with a bit of Rage Against The Machine - Killing In The Name.

“Rage Against The Machine - Killing In The Name.”

you must be psychic… playing that right now

white wedding or scream by billy idol

With an avatar like that Biggus what else could it be? Love it! What a bloody great album too. How can a guy that looks like a wet indie kid come out with that? Awesome!

I’ve been listening to Disc 2 of Prodigy’s latest album, Their Law. A few live tracks towards the end of the album. Quality

i should be so lucky

by kylie minouge on repeat…

Why am I not surprised, had you down as a Bananarama fan, to be fair.

flats did you have to.???

Come to think of it mate are you sure that not Gingers Ipod your listening to ?

The entire ‘Easy Rider’ Soundtrack is great for chilled summer riding with a bit of lunacy thrown in. Born to be wild, The Pusher, The Weight, Wasn’t Born to Follow… etc… Always works for me anyhoo.

Iron Maiden goes down fairly well, so does lots of the stonerrock stuff I listen to, like Kyuss, Gas Giant, Unida and such. Always good Couldn’t pick out a favourite tune, though

track9 with the thriller sample or under my wheels rmx great tunes for a blat

the prodge are great to ride to

i want a fireblade with lots of speakers and a small sub under the seat, how cool would that be?