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I’m considering a set of these!

Blue lights are legal right?

I thought only emergency vehicles can have blue lights in any form?
Did see a few large trucks shining like a blue christmas tree however, so no idea tbh…

Not sure about them twinkling.

I recently bought these LEDs for my FZ6

Blue lights are NOT legal, no. One of the reasons I’ve got green!

Blue lights to the front are not neccessarily illegal. The appropriate regulations state:-
“Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations 1989: Colour of light shown by lamps and reflectors—Sect 11-(1)
No vehicle shall be fitted with a lamp which is capable of showing a red light to the front. Providing the vehicle is fitted with the obligatory position lamps
etc then it can, additionally, have any colour lamp to the front except red. There are other offences which MAY be considered, such as distraction/dazzle and similarity to a blue warning beacon.”

I was under the impression that you are not legally allowed any colored light visible from the front of the vehicle on the public highway apart from your headlight, yellow/white etc.

You can get pulled for having a colored headlight cover! I’ve never been stopped but I’m pretty sure that’s how it is!

I used white LEDs on the front of my busa, there is also a red sidelight fitted (was on it when I got the bike).

I’ve also got a blue headlight cover which I put on depending on how rebellious I’m feeling :wink:

Ignore the pics of the drz it’s an LB fault :slight_smile:

A little reading is a dangerous thing …

The Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations 1989

Restrictions on fitting blue warning beacons, special warning lamps and similar devices

  1. No vehicle, other than an emergency vehicle, shall be fitted with–

(a) a blue warning beacon or special warning lamp, or

(b) a device which resembles a blue warning beacon or a special warning lamp, whether the same is in working order or not.

i thought green where illigal unless you are a doctor on call.

its just orange that can be anywhere, no?