Having now got my brand new replacement KTM Duke i decided on a BikeTrac tracker unit to be fitted, it was installed yesterday and itb does work! :-), what it also does in record journeys that you do so i am able to log in and see where ive been which will be brilliant for Wales trips and general days rides, not the cheapest at £299 and then the subscription to pay, but in my eyes having already lost one bike i dont intend to lose another.

I chose Biketrac because 1 of our customers had a unit fitted to his new Busa, it got stolen from outside his house at 2am, Biketrac rang him after sending him texts and he was able to log on to the portal and track exactly where the bike was going, Biketrac and himself could tell the police it was a live theft, long and short of it is the police found his bike in the back of a van, he was able to ride it home.

I know these things aren’t guaranteed but it gives me a better chance, and plus i chain it, d lock it and park it right outside our showroom so i can keep eyes on it :slight_smile:

Impressed so far.

299 seems pretty reasonable, but how much is the subscription Westie?

Nice bit of kit :slight_smile: Lot of doh though :frowning:

hey mate, well you can pay the yearly subscription of £99.99, then for 2 years its £227. I prefer to do the year, i may decide to get a different model next year so id rather swap the unit onto another bike :slight_smile:

You can also add the biker down function which doesn’t cost any additional charge, its prepared so that if the bike goes at more of an angle the 80 degrees it will send a message to any of the held contacts on the portal to let them know where you are. Pretty good to have i think.
I’ve got 3 contacts including myself, that’s the maximum you can have.

well you have to think about it, most modern bikes now are priced in the region of £6k upwards (large capacity cc) and for £400 you can have a unit that will hopefully give you peace of mind at night etc. ive previously spent £400 plus on exhausts etc, and many other unnecessary add ons. This i would say is the best accessory you can get.

After having my first Yamaha TMax stolen in June 2011, I got another TMax (a WhiteMax 2010) in October 2013.

Where I live now, I have my own parking bay, but it’s accessible 24h, so spent s*it loads of money to try and secure my bike overnight. I got 2 Hardie-Secure ground anchors, 2 Almax Series 4 chains, 2 Abloy PL362 padlocks and 1 Xena disc block. And yet, I felt it wasn’t safe enough so went for a GPS tracker.

After some research I opted for the BikeTrac, had it installed and am really happy with it, the unit price is reasonable (it’s a one-off after all) and the subscription price at £199 for 3 years is pretty honest.

It works great, as soon as you move the bike by a few metres without the ignition on, you get a text, an email and they call you straight away.

Also, as said above, you can check where the bike is at any time and it logs all your journeys (route and speed).

Highly recommended!

logs your speed too,not sure i would like that part active,the rest sounds great.

you can switch off the speed bit if you want… also tracks your journey, so quiet nice for checking routes after you come home from those “dont know where i am going and i could not care less” type of rides on b roads… i have one on my striple and they are quite good, move your bike few meters with no key on the ignition and you will get a txt, an email and a call… but they are pricey at 299 plus 99 for a year subscription

I must agree it’s a nice bit of kit plus you can put it on a different bike if you sell this one (not all trackers allow you to do that). I wouldn’t post information about your security devices on a public forum though, you never know who’s reading them :slight_smile: Thanks for the heads up though!

theres nothing wrong with that, its keeping your high scores for you.

its not accurate enough for police to use it as evidence (they need regularly calibrated equipment)

We had our Biketrac fitted to the T/bird after losing 2 bikes in 2 years, It gives piece of mind and we can access ith portal wherever we are so if it has to stay home while we are out we can check its still there. The biker down feature on ours wasn’t working too well and kept sending our contacts bikerdown messages, when it happened the first time I tried to contact my husband on the phone/scala and he wouldn’t answer so I getting more worked up by the minute I paced around in the drive until turned up.

He thought I was being nice and was waiting for him to take some pics so when I rushed up asking him if he was alright and did he do much damage actually I asked about the bike first DOH! - no eveything’s fine he says - I then proceeded to have a go at him for not dropping his bike and worrying me needlessly, not my finest hour but funny now. turns out it didn’t receive its firmware update before it was fitted. The lads at Biketrac who I contacted over the weekend couldn’t have been more helpful and was sorted within days. Well done lads keep it up!


Ive got Bike trac on my F800R The people that run it are very professional and friendly. The trace your route thing is good too. It also has a bike down function to alert your next of kin or whoever you nominate as well as yourself. So if its knocked over on a parking bay, you’ll be alerted too.

I just had one fitted today when my bike got services - should have done it a while back though tbh.

Well I hope none of you have to really to use it much