Biketrac unit

Guys i have sold my KTM, but removed my Biketrac unit, as ive purchased a new bike i have struck a deal on a unit for that, hence i dont need 2!, i have a subscription included for 24 months which is transferable with the unit. id be looking for £300 all in including the subscription as i paid £200 for that not long ago.

I have the box and card for the unit.

That’s not a bad price as the unit itself is £300. Each year of subscription is £99 more. Don’t need it myself but I’m sure someone else will show interest.

Ta Mr, yes they are ace… £250 now,

What does it do?

well, in effect it is a silent way of making sure you know where your bike is when it is parked up. Plus with the added benefit of being able to track where you have been on a ride out by logging onto your portal and seeing which roads you used. I have a few customers that have had bike thefts with this unit fitted and been able to get their bikes back, There is more info here:

Interested in buying this pls can you let me how to contact you privately? Thanks

Hi mate, heres my EMail: [email protected]