Biketrac first issues

So I’m only posting this here in case someone is an expert or has a bit of an idea, since their tech support is closed(!!!)…otherwise please ignore.  I tried to register my device today but a few issues:

  1. When loading map it says: “Failed to load device map view. Please try again later or contact support” 

  2. It has not loaded my vehicle information just like it says in the instructions.

  3. I tried to ring technical support, but says only open from monday to friday.  This worries me a bit, what if i am experiencing issues with the website or something who do I call to make sure everything is ok.

Not a good start to be honest.

Does the device show up on this page?

Re: #3 it’s not great that you can’t get support on the weekends, but the actual tracking call centre is 24/7 so if it was stolen you’d still be called.

Yeah it does show there…but I entered the serial number and it didn’t give me an indication that it was “accepted” or “its now active” or something to re-assure me its ok.

Seen their promo video?

Honestly, I’ve had no issues at all. Once it had been set up all I had to do was a 5 minutes drive and now I can look at the bike when ever I want.

Sorry you’re having these problems :frowning:

Disaster averted…they replied back to my email this morning and fixed the tech problem.

apart from some direct debit issues we’ve had no problems - infact I hadn’t even finished moving mine (forgot to turn it on LOL=) and they were phoning to find out if everything was OK!