Bikeshed show this weekend 27-29th May

I’ve been to this in the past and there’s some lovely bike artwork to be seen.


Yep, it’s always great. Have enjoyed shooting it before for the galleries.

Are you going? You’ve shot for us before. Would you like to again?

Sorry chap, I’ve got bikes that need fixing

£25 + booking fees! :hushed:

I imagine renting the tobacco dock isn’t cheap

I guess recent events have driven the price of beard oil through the roof too.


Here’s some pix from 2015, the first year at Tobacco Dock


I make that a £100 and then some by the time you factor in the show, cheeseburger, chips, demi beer and go go juice.

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Anyone going on Sunday will have to dodge the Ride London road closures.

So, who went?

We did. Really enjoyed the vibe. Got a huge tattoo of a naked woman on my leg.

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Photos or it didn’t happen.

Won’t somebody think of the children!?