Am doing a bikesafe day at the Ace tomorrow… will post comments on wednesday.

watch this space…

…yeah, like you’re all holding your breath arent u…sitting on the edge of your seats…

hiya how much dose it cost ? i was thinking of doing one everyone says there a good crack

they’re a rite laugh,me and a couple of mates done one,got the offer to go on a freebie through a dealer we know,thought yeah rite out with the plod,but wot the hell it was free,but from the offset we knew it was going to be good,30,40,50 limits had to keep to,get to a national speed limit and we were off big time,crept into 3 figure speeds occasionally,using the whole of the road as long as the white lines let us cross them,and just generally luning about,all with a police trained rider on a gsxr 750 up ur arse,even told us at the morning briefing to be carefull on 1 part of the route cause there was a speed trap operating,spent the whole day tearing up the kent and sussex country side with a lunch stop at wessons cafe,top day

yeah that sounds like a laught think i might have to sort one out cheers

So, having done the day at the Ace Cafe, Ive gotta agree with gix1000… Its well worth it.

It costs £30 for the day & I cant remember getting that much value for money.

we turned up at 0845 for registration & then had a long briefing, some on technique & a second talk on filtering.
Then the morning observed ride… Like gix1000 said, they tell you to stick to the 30s 40s & 50s, but when you get into the nationals - ride as you usually do. Its a weird feeling opening up the bike with a copper behind you & I didnt really relax in the morning session. I got into it though & the feedback they give you is worthwhile.

Its more of the same for the afternoon (they give you lunch too) - I picked up 2 massive points from speaking to the police rider during feedback & then following him to see it in action. They are the kind of tips that save your skin… for 30 quid, its gotta be worth it.

It isnt advanced training though & you shouldnt go there expecting it to be - From their point of view, they are just trying to share little things that may make a difference to your safety on the road. They really do try to get you to think about official advanced training & mention it all the time… at the end of the day, Its a good day out on the bike, hooning around the country lanes with no chance of getting nicked!

seriously though, if you are new to biking, or if you’ve had no advanced training, I would say doing the skills day is essential… If you’ve had plenty of experience then its a good oportunity to get to know 3 or 4 police riders who may well be pulling you over at some point in your riding career.

glad u enjoyed it ben,as u i think 4 new riders its a blinding idea,wot they teach u is proper road craft,unlike the training u receive in the direct access test,in this they r teaching u to past a test,with bikesafe,they’re trying to keep us alive,we knew the plod that took us out,and the least experienced rider in our group had 10yrs behind him so we got away with quite a bit,but the idea behind it is a sound one,and anything that might prevent accidents happening,has got to be good

Sounds like a good day. How often do they run? might do one myself = day off work riding the bike. Does you bike have to be road legal? i.e. Race can, small plates etc etc.

the lot we done it with(kent,and they can be rite ******s),didn’t care bout plates,and cans,in their words

“we’re here to save lives today,not to nick people”

fair enough init