bikesafe @ the ace

did the Bikesafe course on sat from the ACE, really enjoyed it (even if 7.30am is an ugly time to be awake on saturday)

have to say the police riders were top guys, and a pleasure to ride with. got taken on some great twisties out towards denham

have to say i wasn’t sure what to expect before i attended. obviously most experiences with the police tend to be a of a negative nature so that’s always a feeling thats hard to shake off! when you first head out it does feel like you’re out on test again for the first couple of miles but you soon settle down and its just like riding with a really experienced mate, who’s just as passionate about bikes as you are and only interested in improving your riding (rather than the usual competitive ‘enthusiastic’ riding that normally comes along with tonking about with a mate).

oh, and in case people are worried about trick items, they are only interested in improving your riding ability and safety, not in giving you grief for cans, plates, visors etc so dont let that hold you back from booking up

bet there were a few people out on the roads that saw me cracking along with a police jacketed rider behind thinking i was in for it…

learnt from it and definately recommend it!

Yep, I’l second all the above.

No excuses - it’s only £25 (?) notes. I went and bought a legal plate before my day! And they even asked if I’d swapped it for the day Doh!!

Now I’ve lost the small one so stuck with the current horror.

yep, just £30 for the full day. quality value.

haha, wounder! - great for your ‘show’ plates…ahem


Out of interest, where did they take you out riding from the Ace Cafe - toying with doing a bikesafe day myself, but torn between the Ace cafe, and the Kent one…



NJ was at the BSB meet yesterday and put my name down for a bikesafe course, spoke to th ecopper ther eand he suggested Kent area as the twisties are right on your door stop

Must get round to doing this, everyone I know who has done has raved about it

We went out West around Denham and the Chalfonts. They were gonna take us out east in the afternoon but the NC was seriously fooked due to an accident, so out West we went again.

headed out west on the a40 to denham and gerards cross area. he knew some quality bits of road.

once you’re out of sight of central i think there are probably good twisties to be had with a bit of local knowledge

The twisty roads up near denham are great and in Hairfield theres a great pub up there called the Coy Carp (not sure if there biker friendly?). Also if you take a trip up the A40 and then go off to Thame there are some great roads up that way

Have been thinking about doing bikesafe for a while but just haven’t had the time

Book me in i’m up for it it can only help haha

Gonna be livin out that way soon!

A group of us had a great afternoon out that way a month or so ago. Mebbe you’ll join us next time?

I did the Bikesafe day last October and had the best time. I went out with the guys from the Ace Cafe, can’t remember quite which route we took as they didn’t take their usual one. Lost of nice twisty roads and we didn’t exactly go slow. It was eye opening and you do learn that something extra… Well Worth the money!!!

I’ve done it twice 18 months apart, both times at the Ace Cafe. You need to give your bike details for them to match you with another bike & biker of the same size & experience. For the bigger bikes, this probably doesn’t take too long, but for smaller ones, it might result in inappropriate matching.

I’m on a Vespa Granturismo 125cc (top speed about 62mph, but limited to 50mph due to the full height windscreen) and I was paired up with a boyracer on a souped up sporty scooter. Not exactly enjoyable for me to be on NSL roads riding faster than I’ve ever done (I’m purely 30-40mph girl). Not very relevant either.

The second time, I was paired up with another girl on a 100cc scooter with about the same level of experience. We both only ride in town, so we had more relevant riding through congested 30-40mph zone roads.

It’s good fun and very instructive. It also changes your attitude about the bike cops.

“Changes your attitude about Bike Cops” Absolutely, they (well most) are only human. Most I’ve dealt with, and it was quite a lot in Durham via IAM, are nice people and bike fanatics. They just aren’t as ‘fun’ loving as us, prob 'cause they have to wipe up the mess when ‘fun’ becomes mangled limbs.

Some are real ar5e-holes.

And one thing seems common. Frustration at not having the resources to do a job on the lowlifes that they KNOW (we only think) are guilty.

And of course, only a lucky few get to ride an R1 with blue lights on. HOW FRUSTRATING MUST THAT BE!

Not trying to big’em up or owt, but they’re bikers too.!