Bikesafe show

Looks like its gonna be a good day out and Im wondering whose going on what day, be good to meet up :slight_smile:

Oh. I thought I voted Sat, but it says Sun.

Not sure which day really, but I’m definitely going. I want to get there good and early and do a few test rides (assuming there will be some autos that I’ve not ridden already). I was just on the bikesafe site looking at who they’ve got lined up to be there. Looks good

I’m going on the Sunday as i’m working on the Saturday

Looks like a good day out


im going on saturday if anyone else is?

it’s quite likely i will go on the sunday :slight_smile:

I’ll be going on Saturday.

I’ll be there Sat (and quite possibly Sun!) working on the IAM stand. Come and say hiya!

I’ll be there on the Sunday - helping out on the GirlsBike2 stand

thats 2 stands to visit for a free cuppa :D:D:D

On Saturday 29th there is a KillSpills ride-in from the Ace at 10:45.

Sunday 30th there is a Unity Riders ride-in from Box Hill (dep. 10:30) meeting up at the Ace by 11:30 and then on to Hendon. All welcome - we all owe Paul Mostyn and his BikeSafe crew big time, so a show of appreciation is in order. :wink:

kool will see you at the ace on sat then :smiley:

I will be there on the Saturday as avisitor and on Sunday on the HBAM IAM stand.:slight_smile:

I should be going on the sunday, if anyone is meeting at the Ace then let me know and I’ll tag along :slight_smile:

i’ll be there on the Sunday.

I’m up for this on Sunday too, assuming its not snowing!

AbbeyJ and I will try and get along to this Sunday; we have a Bikesafe ride the following weekend down at their Kent venue:D

I might turn up for this one, have been considering doing a bikesafe day for a while.

I’m going to try to get there on Sunday,depends what time I get up after working Saturday night:D

same with me !

Does anyone want to meet me at BM on Sunday and ride together to the BikeSafe Show?!?!

cheers :slight_smile: