BikeSafe / ScooterSafe

Has anyone attended the one-day course organised by the Police to improve riders’ skills, called bikesafe for motorbike riders and scootersafe for scooter riders? I sounds fantastic and I’m thinking of booking a course.

Can anyone comment on the course?

think quite a few on here have done it and your right it does look a good course, anything to improve your riding skills cant be bad. :slight_smile:

will tell you, am booked on the 24th Feb from the Ace

Excellent day, well worth doing.

I am going to be booking mine very soon, I know a couple of people who have been on it and they said it was very helpful, the way I see it, any axtra training can’t be all that bad and I think it reduces the cost of your insurance premium :slight_smile:

I did it a few months after I took my bike test; it was a super day and attended by novices (me) through to people with many years riding.

Incidentally, I had my partner’s son (12 yo) with me riding pillion. I asked beforehand if it was OK and he was as welcome on the day as we all were. At that time, the cost for a pillion was a tenner.

your head will be reeling with the amount of dtuff you will learn…its damn good…

Yeah definitely worth it, £35 including lunch, morning is some classroom work, then urban rideout being monitored by a police officer who will give you great feedback on your riding, then in the afternoon, another rideout a bit longer and on some twisty country roads, a bit more classroom work.

All very individual and loads of feeback, you will learn a lot, dont need to worry about tickets (unless you are a real prat) for small numberplates, exhausts, just make sure your bike is in good condition and T+T’ed

I’ve never heard a bad comment that I can remember from anyone that has done it.:smiley:

Well I am just about to book mine for some time in March or April, if anyone fancies joining me just pm me :slight_smile:

Your biased lmao:D, you going to the day at hendon ? forgot the date might see you there mate. :slight_smile:

It’s great. Good value for money, and it covers a lot of decent topics. It also shows you that policemen can be good blokes.

It’s not the same level as getting some one on one tuition (the assessed rides give you SOME feedback, but in our experience it’s a bit more general than you’d get if you took some full-on tuition. But imho that’s entirely fair enough. The point of the day is not to teach you specific techniques, and for the money what do you expect?)

There’s an insurance discount (iirc it’s 8% but only with Devitts), but you may well get a cheaper quote elsewhere without a Bikesafe discount.

Never done the Scootersafe. It didn’t exist when I took Bikesafe, but reading the blurb it looks like it’s for bran-new young riders on 50’s who don’t go out of town (whereas on Bikesafe you do your assessed rides out in the lovely twisty countryside).

I plan to do another one this year as a refresher. Can’t recommend it enough for what it is.

Did mine in August 2006. It was a grand day out on my trusty FJ1200 and the police officer owned a FJR1300, so knew what sort of riding I would be doing. He was a cracking good rider and an enormous help in tackling a couple of issues I had with country lanes.

Well worth the time and money. I did mine from the Warren, so had superb roads near Boxhill and the like.

That could be true I suppose:D I’m nights that week,so unlikely,but if I’m up early enough I might pop over.

All go innit?;):smiley:

There’s no rest on the frontline;):smiley:

Bikesafe w/e at Hendon - 29/30th. March.

CN give discount for Bikesafe ‘passers’.:smiley:

Yes, September 2005 at the Ace. Do it. :slight_smile:


having done it two years ago i’d like to do a follow up type of course.

I guess you are then into the realms of “formal” training /improvement courses, IAM and the like but these are all v.expensive arent they ?

Anyone care to enlighten me ?


I did the course about a month ago and there’s talk of a follow up course but they need to keep getting people through the door for now. They said if we wanted them to do more the easiest way to help was to make sure we mailed the organisers and let them know we want more of this sort of thing. I’d have to add my voice to the many people who got a lot from it. Has helped me out already and was a great experience.