Bikesafe - Sat 12 July @ Ace

I’m booked in for the bikesafe on Saturday at the Ace. Anybody else going?

i’m going :)see U saturday

Is Arnie booked on this ? :stuck_out_tongue: He probably knows them all by now anyway :slight_smile:

Did mine last year…fab day…enjoy it folks! :smiley:

I’ve done bike safe already :slight_smile: There are even witnesses for that :smiley:

Hi drb. What bike to do you ride? Just so I can come and say hi :wink:

I’m on a blue Yamaha XT660X.

No there isn’t, you were going to fast and no one could see you number plate to confirm! :w00t:

Let us know how you got on :slight_smile:

Really really good day! If you haven’t already, book on in. I honestly think it should be compulsary as part of taking your driving test (6-12 months after passing, or before going onto a bigger bike in case you do an A2 like I did).

The morning session is pretty interesting. A lot to take in, and it would have been good to have the material online or something so people could review it afterwards. I’ll probably end up buying the blue book, but I’ll be doing more advanced training anyway.
I was a bit unlucky with my “partner” (you get paired up 2 students to a one instructor). The other guy had come back to riding motorbikes after 35 years, and I don’t think he should have been on the course (in fact, I don’t think he would pass a test). I think for him it was a cheap replacement for taking a days lesson at a riding school, which it istn’t. It meant in the afternoon, when I was ahead I didn’t get much out of it as the instructor said he didn’t want to overtake cars and ride at the speed limit as he didn’t think the other guy was skilled enough to do so.
Fortunatly (or unfortunatly for him), we lost him midway through the afternoon (honestly, no fault of the instructor, he was great), so I spend the rest of the afternoon following the instructor “making good progress” in the countryside riding.
I’m not an experienced rider at all (only been 3 months on the “big” bike), and I couldn’t say I left the day a “better” biker, but I left knowing more about how to become an better biker, which is the key thing. It’s no “miracle cure”, it’s an introduction to advanced training.

I have heard a couple of people say they didn’t think they were “ready” for a bikesafe yet, but all I can say is do it as soon as you can. It’s not because it’s “advanced training” that you have to be an “advanced rider” to do it. As long as you have passed your test, and you’re comfortable with your bike, I think you’re “ready” to do it. At no stage do they push you to do things you wouldn’t otherwise. But the earlier you get the pointers, the earlier you start thinking about it and the sooner you’ll become a better rider.

A lot (most I think) people on the day were more experienced riders than I am and all but a couple on much faster bikes. I think they got as much out of it as I have. Like I’ve heard Sneaky say a few times, it’s not how fast you ride, but how you ride it fast :wink:

And if your a stubbern type and think you can’t learn anything anymore, it’s still a great day. For £30, you get to meet some friendly bikers, friendly cops, get a lunch and do some really good country riding with the advantage that nobody will cut you up because there’s a copper riding with you :wink:
(although my instructor did book somebody on our way back to the Ace, which was a bit odd).

Oh and the best thing, they do take the mick out of Harley and BMW riders all the time :wink:

just kidding …

I’ll stop going on now. Just book yourself in and see …

Any issues with non standard stuff on the bike?

My friend went on the ride, changed his aftermarket akropovic-not for road use, and put the original manufacturer exhaust on…

…He then stated that the police rider said he was not too fussed with aftermarket stuff…

…With this in mind, I asked the lady on the phone this question direct… She stated that it would be overlooked, but advice may be given at least by the officer… As long as mot, insu and driving licence shown, and bike in tax that would be all they mattered about.

I was a bit worried as my exhausts don’t have their baffles, and as some on here can confirm, they are quite loud and tend to give people who follow me headaches.
I was actually going to put the baffles in for today, but my mate who I bought the bike from couldn’t find them.

The instructor said it was pretty good as he could hear what the engine was doing so get a better idea about machine :w00t:

They do check insurance/driving licence and MOT documents and they do check whether your bike is road worthy. So I guess as long as you don’t take the phis it’ll be ok.