BikeSafe London - Ladies day. Would you be interested?

Hello all, I need your views.

I, together with others, run the BikeSafe London days.

I am considering running some ladies only days and would be interested in your views on this.

Let me explain, we get a fair few female bikers attending our events and a few have mentioned that before booking they were a little nervous and concerned they would get paired with a Valentino Rossi emulating R1 (If you ride an R1 substitute GSXR1000) riding testosterone fuelled nutter (OK a bit OTT but you get my drift).

Anyway back to my question, if I ran some ladies only days would you be interested? (That’s the ladies, before I get a whole raft of blokes telling me they would be interested).


Would you prefer that we stick to mixed groups?



I don’t mind either mixed or just ladies, but I do want to do it sometime soon.

I quite like a fast pace :wink: JOKE!

It doesn’t make any difference as you go out in pairs anyway and are under instruction the whole day.

So I’d say, no. :slight_smile:

That’s sig-worthy!

I’ve done Bikesafe before, although not in London, but it was a mixed group and I found it good to have guys and girls thereIf anything, at least to get different points of views on various topics like “do you ever start shouting in your helmet at the top of your voice if someone is just going too slow for you and taking up the whole road?” :PSo althouth I enjoy the odd girlie ride out, for Bike Safe I’m happy with the current format :slight_smile:


Thanks to those who have replied, very helpful.

We will be adding more dates to our calendar in the near future but we try to fully book the dates already realeased first.

If anyone has any problems booking or ideas that will help us with our scheme then please don’t hesitate to email me.

If someone would like to organise a London Bikers BikeSafe day then let me know and I will assist.

Ride safely


I’d quite like a ladies bikesafe day - missed the last one - and it’s definitely something I’m aiming to do before the summer.

All I would need to run a Ladies day is between 8 and 12 ladies on the same day.


I am not fussed but to be honest i prefer to be with the boys…

Hadn’t thought about it, I think an LB one would be fun. I want to do the bike safe this year as I have been riding for about 18 months now.

i’m sure you do hahaha kidding, i like to play with boys too :smiley:

do you really :smiley:


I’m trying to be serious!:slight_smile:


Mick do you have any female observers at Bikesafe . :slight_smile:

This might help:-

I met Kate on mine; a ‘wicked’ sense of humour and good presentation skills.



As Martin said we have Kate who works from our north base.

I have had a PM from someone who is interested in arranging a day. I have said that we can run a day from both our north and south bases if there is sufficient interest.

I know this started as a ladies day so if someone wants to organise that as well then I will assist as best I can but I will understand if you just want a day all together.

Ride safely.


If we are talking about an LB Bikesafe day, I’m very interested… :slight_smile:

But I live in Epsom so would only be able to do it from the south base :smiley:

As long as you still keep mixed days because I want to do it with my boyfriend :slight_smile:

We can run a day north and a day south. It would be mixed unless someone wants to arrange a ladies only day and then that would be a seperate day.

So you will have a choice, a Country Mansion in the Garden of England or Scratchwood Services Junction 3 of the M1!:wink:

As you may have already worked out I run the team in the South.

Just needs someone to organise it.