Bikesafe Gig (Plod)

We met a Traffic Cop today in Finchingfield. One of the things he told us was about some Bikesake Gig in Burnham-on-Crouch. I fink he said the 18th of April. He says that local dealers are putting on demo fleets for the punters. You’ll be accompanied by Plod out on the demo’s. Prolly get a free assesment of your riding, whilst your out!

Does anyone have more info? A bit-o-surf’fin the www is prolly in order?

I did Bikesafe back in 2004 at the Ace, it was a great day and i learnt a lot. As i enjoyed Bikesafe so much it made think and do an advance riding course with the I.A.M.

Anyone thinking on doing Bikesafe should do it.

I agree, the LB staff have all done BikeSafe and highly recommend it. It’s most likely not what you think it’ll be; it’s much more fun.

i did bikesafe 2 years ago , good day out , picked up some good points ,plus its a good laugh blasting along with a traffic cop (in the right places even they creep over the limit)

But does anyone know more about the gig in Burnham?

No, not here, but if a ‘Bikesafe’ event, go for it. Any assessment from those who do this professionally must be a plus. I did Bikesafe from the Ace, one of the best value days I’ve had. Not least from getting to know some of the guys on the sharp end, learning what they had to deal with, and what they hoped we could contribute not just by action but also from example.

<watch out, getting political>

If bikers don’t make sure by their actions that PTWs remain tolerated on our roads, our days may be numbered. Think on it…

</end of rant>

Nah, the Plod was cool. I take’em as I find’em. As do they take us as they find us. You get the odd Plod that’s a twott, sometimes a van full of’em (around here) that want to give you trouble cause you’re nggier in a big car. But I bet you never met a member of the public that was a twott, ugh?