Bikesafe course

Well I had a great day and can recommend it.

Big thanks to gsxr_sam for organising it

Yep, good day out. Worthwhile stuff

It was a really good day, well worth doing and i really enjoyed it (apart from nearly Killing a policeman with a Flying GoPro!!)

We were riding through the lanes and the Police rider following me just stopped, i didn’t realise why so pulled over and waited then him and Chris came along and i carried on going, about 5 mins later we stopped at some lights and i noticed the GoPro had come off the back of my bike, the bracket had snapped clean off!! i was gutted i thought i’d lost it. i said to the copper and he laughed and said, “Yes, it nearly hit me in the face as it come off” aparrently he was following me and it dropped off the bike and bounced about 20 foot into the air just missing him, he said he tried to catch it but it was going too fast!! luckily Chris saw where it landed and pulled over and picked it up for me. (Cheers Chris :slight_smile: )

Unfortunately the Footage wasn’t captured! the card was full before it happened!

Shame the card was full, would’ve looked like an epic off without actually coming off

Glad to have found it for you