BikeSafe back open

Got an email this morning saying that they’d added availability in Northamptonshire and noticed that they’d actually added it to several other places too.

Bromley, Bushey and Mosley all had availability. I’ve booked in for Bromley :tada:.


Nice one - I’ve been thinking about doing this after leaving the bike untouched for most of the year. Bromley would be my choice too as I’m just round the corner from there. Not much availability left though…

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Sounds like it’s good value for money…

I also want to do IAM or a few others as well.

It’s definitely worth it. Great value for money. I did it many moons ago on a very heavily modified GSX-R 1000. I was encouraged to overtake faster. Music to my ears.

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bike safe is great.

IAM is too, but id say not to do it straight away, get properly comfortable handling a bike, then use IAM to fine tune it.

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It’s great just don’t crash on it or you get mocked for life. Don’t ask me how I know


how is that different to crashing at any other time?

More controlled situation, and you don’t do silly things that you might do without a police officer…

Just got back from BikeSafe.

Learnt that I shift through gears too quickly, a habit I learnt when I started driving a car years ago.

Also learnt not to apex corners to favour visibility.

There were 6 of us there with 4 officers. I was lucky to have no other learner on my rides so got the cop’s full attention.

Not bad for £65!


It’s great value for money, I had the same 1:1 with the officer because someone failed to show up. Good fun, and a valuable learning experience.

Why the disk lock? Did you think the fuzz where going to nick your bike? :laughing:

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The only time you want a bike cop’s full attention :rofl:


So, my BikeSafe course (Bromley) is supposedly Saturday. BikeSafe emailed me a reminder yesterday with a warning I shouldn’t no-show.

Given today’s announcement and the shift to Corona Level 2 for London starting midnight Friday I’m guessing it won’t go ahead, which is a great shame as I’d been looking forward to it and the rain even looks like it will stay away on Saturday.

I emailed them earlier today to find out whether it is on or not but no reply yet. So, hoping it still goes ahead, but wondering whether anyone on here has any insight.


Head out there. If it isn’t cancelled then you go ahead and enjoy the day. If it doesn’t grab breakfast and head out for a day of riding.


I did my bike safe at the warren, really good bunch of guys, down to earth. You’ll learn alot from them, I did

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