Bikesafe At Heathrow

Hi All,
if anyone works at Heathrow, BAA are offering subsidised Bikesafe days.
I’m booked on for May 8th.

you what?..were do i get that?


Phone No. 0208 745 2680, from the message select no.3 - Heathrow Commuter - and they have all the dates & details.

good stuff mate…cheers!!!


Do you have to work at heathrow? my girlfrends mother works there… does that count?

Pretty sure you have to work at the airport.

sounds interesting, how much is it subsidised by??

The cost is £20. That’s a saving of £10.

I paid £50 out in Surrey so getting it for £20 is an excellent price.

You’ll have a great day, very informative, definitely worth going on, even if you’ve had your licence for a while.

I recently did mine subsidised by work.

Knowing what the day is like now, I’d have happily paid quite a few quid for the help I got that day with my riding.

I know they did one at the BBC about two years ago, i didnt have a bike at the time

Might be worth us that work there mentioning it see if there is any interest…

Tug ? Rich ? Matt ? Scarer ?

just booked this for the 1st june and over the phone they didnt ask for any ‘proof’ that i worked at the airport

there being held at two diffrent locations one at the old heathrow visitor centre on the northern permieter road, and one over at BA’S Headquarters at waterside over near the bath road, apprantly they have cancelled a couple because of lack of interest, but for £20 it sounds like quite a bargain to me.

Well done.
The first day I was booked on was cancelled due to lack of interest.
Pretty hard to believe, considering the ammount of people that ride to the Airport every day.

its not been exactly well advertised, it was on my work intranet but it wasnt easy to find!!!

I work just near the Vistor Centre, WBC and they had stuck a A4 leaflet on all the bikes parked aorund the buildings, and we received an message on email in work.

Haven t booked yet, but just booked a week off next week, so think I ll sign up
Hope space is available for the 8th

If you are there on the 8th.I will be on an 07 Fireblade so come & say hello.

I did BikeSafe at the Warren last year August and will probably go again this year with my brother. Well worth the £30 and you do learn something. The policemen/women can shift on those BMW’s !!

I’d be interested in doing this as would Westie I’m sure. I don’t work at Heathrow but my company owns 11 outlets in all the terminals… would that count?

Its got to be worth giving them a call.