Bikes that are cheap to insure

Maybe I should switch to a less powerful bike - to get my insurance down and that…

What bikes would be

A) look good - I just think most commuters are so ugly

B) Cheap to insure (compared to the zx6r)

Any ideas?


Apart from blue ones :smiley: the engine size / power / sportyness are all factors. Can’t see there be much difference between a ZX6r and a R6 or Gixxer tbh. (Stand to be corrected)

Far less will be the non sports bikes I guess…which is obviously a bugger if that is your thing. I guess security (big anchored chain) will help insurance a bit, plus of course make your bike less easy to steal. I also reckon a bike cover is one of the best security devises - rather than a gleeming sports bike on show to all and sundry.

No easy answers sadly :crazy:

My insurance was coming up £400-500 cheaper if the bike was kept parked overnight inside a garage rather than on a driveway.

I think garage & postcode play a big part.
Just based on insurance groups though, try:

Hey mate… i got quoed 389 for a vtr1000firestorm with 2yrs no claim and im only 20 and live in se london(crystal palace) where bikes get nicked all the time…the vtr are decent bikes aswell, not as sporty as r6/zx6 but will keep up and sounds wicked! have a look…

Have you tried to insure it third party only with no pillion cover ? Pillion cover seems to take a bit off. If the bike isnt of massive value then TPO should do…

Insurance is a strange thing, sometimes fully comp is cheaper than Third party fire and theft.

Similar bikes can have differing insurance prices. Even time of the month can affect insurance prices, such as hitting target sales etc.

Try a few compare sites and see what comes up.

Mine… this year…I hope!