bikes revealed after 20 years in the're original creates

phuuuck meee!!!..the end of my willie has just gone soggy:D.


For Fug Sake!!! I gotta change the sheets now! Watchin that soapy lather over the NR750 got me un-controllable! Even a women hasnt done that to me before!:w00t:

Christ - it’s like a f*cking fairtytale or something.

It’s like discovering an alladins cave of mint ultra-classic hondas.

goodness me, someone’s gonna pay serious wonga for that NR.

ahem :Whistling: :smiley:

Could someone please bleach smiled until he’s clean. I was eating breakfast until I read this and now I just feel dirty and soiled and unclean and quite ill really…

I’d say use Dettol. It kills 99.9% of everything it touches, which would be an improvement for that potty mouth! :smiley:

sorry pang…dohhh…

ohh tobi…im so happy in the thought of you feeling icky at my blobby nob…:D.


nr750 brand new must be worth 50k easy

its ok… its difficult to keep track of all my posts :stuck_out_tongue:

:ermm: I just see an old and ugly bike…
may be its just me…

want to buy one? I found this on ebay

is this truly the right kinda price or is it a typo?

thats not a typo nr is a very rare oval pistoned bike pattend by hondaheres another rather one of these

Weren’t they originally priced around 38 grand in the early nineties?

£27K for an RC45?? Jeez, I recall that they really struggled to sell them when new & ended up knocking thousands off the retail price which was circa £12-13K, probably explains why Dobles are still stuck with one… :smiley:

As for the NR750, guess it’s technically interesting, but let’s face it, the technology is from the worlds most expensive & epic fail of a GP bike ever made & when it was launched as a road bike in 1992 it was more than 110lbs heavier than the new Fireblade! For the same money why on earth wouldn’t anyone go for the Desmosedici, at least it’s based on a winner!

I swear I just got wood!!!.. :w00t: :stuck_out_tongue:

Wash your mouth out with soap, heathen!!! :w00t::stuck_out_tongue:

Nah I’m with you :wink:

Stood like that for so long, they’d probably need a strip down and complete overhaul before they could be used. I appreciate that lovers of the bike would be willing to pay good money, but not for me, i’d rather have classics that have been restored and have the character that comes with being used.

heathen no.2 here

chen we aint looking at a butt ugly 10 you know…:D:D:D:D

oh and got bit of NR on a blackbird…the mirrors :slight_smile: