Bikes or Knitting

Unfortunately I had a fast crash at turn one at Snetterton last Monday
I havent figured out why it happened yet but I am lucky to have walked away
I came down the straight and was in 6th gear as usual just at the start/finish line. I then tapped down a gear as usual and went for the brakes. It dont think I did anything differently but the bike didnt slow down and after a split second it was out of control. I let off the brakes and suddenly the bike was heading for the grass. It all happened so quick but when I knew I was going to crash, time seemed to slow down and I remember trying 3 times to push myself off the bike with my legs. I managed to somehow get off it before we both hit the barrier. I remember sliding on my front feet first and from the marks on my leathers I must have glanced the barrier.
I got up and walked away wondering what the hell happened.
The control tower let me watch the footage and the approach was fine but then I locked the front wheel…you see smoke coming straight out the back from the front wheel. (Definitely wasnt the rear before anyone asks). I left a perfectly straight black line on track for about 20 metres.
I had no idea I had locked the front and before this had always thought it wasnt something I could ever do with 2 finger breaking on a dry track.
The bike hasnt been checked properly over yet but it was the last lap of the 6th session and my bike was riding well so I think I must have done something to have caused it…perhaps not rolled off fully before braking.

I stumbled along the barrier to get behind it and within seconds the paramedic, safety and circuit cars were all with me.
I felt fine and didnt need the medical centre. In fact I was more concerned that the folk in the novice group were going to get cold tyres waiting for them to clear the track…I had smashed all the polystyrene marker boards!

My ankles started to hurt when I was sat in the garage so I was taken to A+E by Mike and friends. The xray looked normal but I had a suspicion something was wrong so I managed to get an orthopaedic consultant appointment the next morning.
We thought I had just torn ligaments but he gave me an aircast boot and told me not to weightbear in case of a fracture.
I had an MRI at the weekend but due to the bank holiday I didnt get the result till I went back to see the consultant on Tuesday.
He was surprised/annoyed to see me partially weightbearing and holding a car key because I had actually fractured my talus and he was wondering whether I was going to need surgery!
Luckily the CT scan was okay and I am now in a cast with strict instructions not to weightbear.

I had no idea how hard it is to do things on one leg and will be a lot more sympathetic to anyone with a lower limb fracture. I now have my first stookie at 33 which Kevsta took pleasure in writing on.

I have no idea how I landed but considering the speed, I am lucky to have no other injuries. In fact I dont even have any bruising anywhere. I am so pleased I started wearing a chest protector last year and that Alpinestars make ladies suits to crash well (I always wondered if they were just made to look good for a pillion)

So…do I fix the trackbike and try again or it is time to knit one, pearl one?

Sorry to hear of your off, glad your ok…

Fix the track bike and get straight back on it (as soon as injuries permit)

I suppose all people that have a off ask the same questions, its good, it shows we have a sense of mortality, you’ll miss the adrenaline and excitement if you don’t get back on it.

It would be good to know what happened though

Jesus that sounds nasty. Wait till you are back on your feet and think about it then.

Ignoring the ghastly ‘girls = pink’ colour scheme, this is what you’ve got to aim for:

Knit one, purl one!

Wow…I had always thought it was pearl. Clearly I haven’t knitted anything since I could read :slight_smile:

Beejeez sounds big and glad to hear you’re relatively ok after it.
As above, I’d see how you feel once you’re better and maybe get out on a little ride on the road to see how you feel.
Only you will know if you get your mojo back, it might take a few attempts though to decide so don’t be put off the first time.

Glad to hear your ok Hun, did mike have any insight as to what might have happened?
It takes so going to lock the front unless you were turning in at the same time and heavy on the brakes.
Was it early in to the session, cold tyres?
Maybe the brakes ceased and locked on, are the calipers and pads all ok?
I’m sure mike would have made sure the bike was in superb condition before letting you out on track, as you say it was fine all day.

Glad to hear you are OK and that you will show more sympathy for certain of your patients in future.:slight_smile:

Mrs J thinks lacemaking would be more of a challenge for a woman of high intellect.:smiley:

Crickey! So glad you’re ok-ish. Can obviously empathise about the harsh reality of life on one leg - 11 weeks in the end for me, with another 5 in an Aircast. As soon as physio said I could wean myself out, I ditched it that day and bought a new bike! Let me know if you want details about the scooter I hired, so much better than crutches and a lot of fun too!

You’ve had a big shock, but I’m sure you won’t be away from the track for long. You love it too much.

Didnt you mention you had a brake problem before ?

When you put the brake on gently then squeeze its really hard to lock the front

Glad you walked away… but you’ll soon get bored of knitting

Mike hasnt just renewed your life insurance has he? :slight_smile:

@ PJ: Mike hasnt checked the bike over yet, I wont be needing it for a while, and doesnt want to speculate till then. Suggested I might have not shut the throttle fully. I was perfectly upright hence the straight rubber line on the track and it was the last lap of the 6th session…tyre better not have been cold! lol

@ Bricking it: I would be surprised if there was anything wrong with the brakes as they had all been done before Cartagena…including new caliper seals and we pads still had meat on them.

@ Curly Ally: I ordered one of those knee scooters. It arrives tomorrow. My work were pretty fecked off because I said I was going to be back on Wednesday but as I only found out it was fractured on Tuesday and got my cast yesterday, I couldnt go back in yesterday. Hopefully the knee scooter will make it easier to get around at work.

@ DJMrMagic: I hope not :crying:

I wondered whether the tyre might have been on its way because I didnt really think about it. I had planned to get that one last day out of the rear before changing it. Or perhaps there was something on the track at the point when I braked…

I will need to know more before I can approach turn one again, especially after a long straight. A friend used his GPS app and hit 156mph on the same bike. He weighs a lot more than me but I would say I am cautious into turn one because I hate heavy braking! Bloody typical eh?!?!?

Sorry to hear this. Glad you are OK and on the mend.

Glad you’re ok and take it easy - hope you get mended quickly!

As for work getting fecked off, tell them to pipe down and make sure you get yourself sorted. If you don’t get healed properly you’ll only end up taking more time off down the line…

I found crochet much easier to knitting… :stuck_out_tongue:

If I had known I was going to choose knitting, I could have bought a short wheel base van 3 weeks ago!

Sorry I forgot to add… the knitting is to kill the time till you get back on the bike :stuck_out_tongue:

Someone else suggested needlepoint but this was too boring to watch

Very sorry to hear of your off, Anita, and I hope you make a speedy recovery. I had never even heard of a talus, so this has been an education for me!

I guess ABS would add unwelcome extra weight to a sports bike, but I guess in times like this such a compromise can prove to be worthwhile - assuming your bike doesn’t have ABS?

wow that sounds like it could have been soo much worse! glad you were relatively ok. hope you heal fast(er than serrisan)

Since you failed the knitting wotsit too, it’s knit one purl two, get back on the bike :wink:

and mend soon