Bikes ON Trains

Does anybody know if you can motorbikes on trains from London to Scotland?

Ideally to Glasgow?

think ya can from big train stations out of london. few train drivers on here who will know :slight_smile:

I think they stopped doing this a while ago. I did it a few times years ago but seem to remember it being stopped about 10 years ago…Could be wrong of course:)

Looks like you can’t. Just phoned National Rail Enquiries and the lady in India (why can’t we have our own people doing the jobs!!) said no.

Will have to ride up instead.

Hi i am a train driver and i beleive the answer is no, you may be able to get in touch with a haulage company and get them to freight it up but you can no longer just pop along to a large station and put it on the train. Your best bet would be to use a motorcycle delivery firm but that will be a couple of hundred pounds. Good luck, Lee

why you wanna take the train, ride up, will be an experience

why you wanna take the train, ride up, will be an experience

Yep!! Probably a bad one knowing Scottish weather:D

The man asked about train options. It’ll be an experience alright. Dependent on his bike, likely not one he will ever want to experience again after that.

Having done it once on my ninja I’d gladly take the 1200 mile round trip off my experiences list and replace it with 2x the mileage on scottish roads once there.

I’d recommend hiring a van or a trailer. Sh!t, buy a trailier. It’ll pay for itself in saved service and tyre costs by the end of the trip.

As though you want to visit Glasgow, but will settle for anywhere else on the planet if they’ve got more accommodating goods regulations…