Bikes on Eurosport

Hey folks…can’t afford sky yet but can probably get topup tv which says British Eurosport. Do you know which bike series this covers and also I’ve seen two different Eurosports adverstised. Can you get both on digital or does it have to be sky? Has anyone got topup and is it any good ? Cheers

I have eurosport and i watch moto gp (free practice, qualifying, 125cc, 250cc & motogp races) on there. They also show WSB and many other series’.

There is Bristish Eurosport (the main one) and Eurosport News (news and repeats).

They also show lots of footy too if your into it.

thanks Snap! was beginning to think no-one watches bikes/wanted to speak to me for a while then!!

Do you have it on Topup TV or sky tho’ ?

I have it on sky and cable - have both long story.

Whats Top-up tv? Never heard of it so pardon my ignorance.

its an upgrade of freeview digibox’s, so you get a few more channels than the free ones and it lists British Eurosport as one hence the interest. Only costs a few quid a month as opposed to Sky sports packs etc

Ahh rite i see.

Are you getting it only for bikes? If so, consider this there is only 1 race left of moto gp and they do show some repeats before the start of the next season of biking, might be better to get it just before the WSB or moto gp season starts? Just a thought.

One thing that really bugs me about eurosport is that its full of ads. Even when the moto gp races are on, they go for ad breaks.

Have a looksee at their website for the programs:

Thanks mate. Used to have it with Sky years ago so know what you mean about adverts. Don’t mind the wait til next season, often have repeats and bizarre other titbits of bikes.

Be interested if anyone does actually have the topup tv though?

If you check the topuptv website it lists British Eurosport and has a link to their site, which in turn then lists everything thats on (doesnt include BE2, I think that is on SKY or Cable only)

I didnt realise I must admit, but look into TopUp myself now at £7.99 I can live with that for Motorsports alone. Don’t want SKY, don’t watch that much anyway and the films are a waste of time - I have the Internet for that

Hi and thanks Savoury. BE2 info good thanks 'cos I had seen it advertised and didn’t know whether that was, as you said, SKY only!

Think it is mate. When I had SKY you had to pay another additional subscription for BE2. I just found SKY a cash cow, especially when you consider you have to wait soooo long for new films which come out on DVD first anyway!

Spend my money elsewhere instead.