Bikes in Rome

Was in Rome last week. Saw thousands of bikes and scooters. Was too busy to take many photos, but here’s some… Scooters, v-twins then boxers were the norm. Heard one inline four in the week we were there.

Oh, we managed to get on two weeks and look like dorks… got to say though, these Segways are amazing and perfect for city centres! Fast on the roads but can crawl through crowds with people. Loads of fun.


Silly Segway fun…

keeping it two wheels even when the bike is at home.

I didn’t realise that Segways were still a thing, I’ve not seen one in years. I just assumed they’d been passed over in favour of those cheap electric scooters that are all over the place. Though I guess the bigger wheels with proper tyres on the Segway would be a lot better suited to riding over all those cobbles than the little scooter ones.

Yeah, they’re for tourism and patrols only really. Electric scooters have eclipsed them with their practicality. Segways are more fun for sure, but clearly not as practical to own.

We run them for experiences, little outings round a woodland, they’re stupidly popular

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