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That’s one of those articles that the media publish now and again to provoke a reaction, they’re usually written by somebody who doesn’t know what they’re talking about (tick), using irrelevant or incorrect or even no data (tick) in order to attack a minority in society (tick), usually recently ethnic minority but in this case motorcyclists and scooterists in an attempt to create discoord and over-reaction from the majority (tick).

File it and the idiot journalist under waste of space, junk and move on . . . (tick)

Quote<<A motorbike won’t offer you the great escape - but an electric bike just might>>

Oh yes. And where does the electricity come from?

It’s interesting though. I’d like to know just how polluting, or otherwise, my bike is. When I buy scooter mags in France it’s noticeable that they generally include fuel consumption and/or emissions info along with the other usual info (top speed, engine size, etc). In the UK it could easily seem that we’re just not interested…

My GSXR returns about 38mpg on decent chat. However apart from the fuel and pollution you have to remember that petro-chemicals are used in the production of materials such as tyre rubber.

Therefore by pulling mingers, you save on the tyre production of the major manufacturers and correspondingly your carbon footprint…

Reminds me of a bumper sticker i saw recently… Global warming is bo****s.

Ha ha good stuff! Does a bike really pump out more Co2 than a car?

My cars a 2.8 V6 & its been de-catted, I bet my gsxr doesnt emit more Co2 than that ha ha :smiley: