Bikes being Stolen

It seems like lots of bikes are being nicked at the moment. I’ve just heard of a NTV 600 was taken in Marylebone on Friday night. An 06 r6 in Black went this morning at 5.30 am in Wilsden.

Both bikes were locked and the NTV had an alarm. Both bike were chained up but not locked to anything.

The R6 was taken away in a big red van so be careful people and lock it to something solid!!

Who the hell would want to nick an NTV

It makes my stomach churn at the thought. Getting a tracker installed in my bike. Atleast if it does go there is a chance the muppets who took it would get caught. Blowtorch and pliers spring to mind as a suitable punishment

On the bright side, Atleast they havn’t started stealing them from under are arses.

Wierd is’nt it!!

We had an 06r6 come in yesterday that had been totally totally vandalised with a brick. Tank screen all indicators every panel even the clocks were smashed. The whole bike was covered in red brick dust!

As it turned out it was the fella’s mrs that had done it after catching him doing something he should’nt have been doing. OOpps

Apparently bikes dissapear on a frequent basis from Marylebone area, thats why I get in nice and early and bag a spot in a nice underground secure carpark. I am not leaving my beast on the street round here.

Well the NTV was parked half way down Boston Place next to the station. It has been parked there for about a year with no problems.

The annoying thing was the owner of the bike has 2 garages in the same street!

I’ll second the Marylebone Warning.

I’ve had a Motorbike and a Bicycle nicked from that area…and did the police give a monkeys…NOT even when I took in CCTV of the kids stealing my bicycle. The officer looked at the broken lock and VHS in my hand and just laughed. Needless to say I didn’t donate to the officers benevolent fund that day…

(have since gotten over that attitude, but it wasn’t a happy day in the “me and the friendly police relationship”)

CBRDan wrote: On the bright side, Atleast they havn’t started stealing them from under are arses.

Erm, it has been known! … at traffic lights.

Watch who’s following you!

Should I be afraid???

I’ve heard of 5 2006 R6R’s being stolen so far, I don’t care what the missus says the R6 comes to bed with us tonight!