Bikes Being Lifted in the Square Mile

Thankfully I didn’t drive in this morning but unfortunately a guy who parks his brand new 2008 GSXR-600 in the same bay as me did. The doorman just rang advising me to be vigilant as 3 scum bags just pulled up in a van and lifted the poor guys bike. Hopefully with the amount of CCTV in the square mile they can catch them. Its not even my bike but really has wound me up.:angry:

This seems to be happening a lot lately, see supermoto section…

That sucks!

Which bay was it? Unfortunatly parking at work is getting fuller and I don’t always get a space, so I end up parking on the bays in the city occasionaly. I’m worried though, because there aren’t really any places you can chain the bike :frowning:

Bay off Fenchurch Street but i dont think it makes a difference anymore where you park. I dont see why they dont put ground anchors in all bays, i have seen them in some but clearly the councils dont think its worth making them standard practice all over London. One would have thought it would be a cost saving opportunity as the police would not be occupied my so many bike thefts

They’d just find another way to nick 'em.

They’d hijack you at the lights or follow you home (or just cut through the chains or trash the council anchors).

The only way to stop the thieves is to catch 'em.

Perhaps CCTV could be put to better use to get evidence to catch & convict these slags.

This is frightening!

I think we should all come to an agreement that if you have an LB sticker on your bike you don’t mind someone chaining their chain to your chain. Its much harder to lift 2 bikes into a van without any fuss:cool:

I absolutely agree, great idea maybe this is something we should put to a vote on the site?

yeah brilliant idea! A similar thing was done but didnt really catch on but theres enough people on here to make a good go of it I reckon - people could discuss privately to share the same bay and chain up together in the 1 bay if that would make things easier


Great idea!!!.. I’m new here, how do you go about broadcasting this on, or starting a poll like you said?

Nice one.

ChunkyMonkey (20/06/2008)

Done:)[/quote] Good work Chunky cheers;)

Wont of much help but got some photo’s from the building security of the bike being taken.


gutted for you to see it


I sincerely hope they ride the bikes they steal… into a brick wall… Dirty scum

Man thats sucks, I getting scare now coz when i get my bike i don’t have a garage to store it in. It will be left in the estate parking over night and i leave right at the top .

Does anybody know where i can rent out garages to store my bike? it will have to be in East london though

There was a young lad on a stolen R6 chased by the cops near me a few weeks ago. He lost it on a bend, went through a fence and ended up in a brook.

He later lost his arm through blood clots. Some might say that was poetic justice:Whistling:

I rent a lockup from these people:
You can also apply for a garage with your council, but it takes aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages

If it’s just for one bike it may be worthing seeing if you can share with somebody.

My pal scared off a teenager on a push bike eyeing up a ninja in a bay by middlesex street (brick lane) today apprently the scum got off his push bike had a good look at the bike rode off came walking back up to the bike whilst talking on the phone possibly a spotter fecking scum are like vermin theri everywhere day release dont know who your landlord is fella but i got a garage in bow , east london off the council (east end homes )took three weeks from start to finish only keep one bike in their and have a hack for the bays room for another if till your sorted fella :slight_smile: