Bikes been nicked - HELP

That’s terrible Clare and I was thinking how lovely she/he looked on new years day. Let me know if I can do anything. And if its found call me as might be able to arrange collection. I wouldn’t bother making a claim on your insurance to transport it if you get it back and its in perfect condition as that’s just another reason to up your insurance. Totally different if its damaged of course. Fingers crossed xx

Sorry to hear your bad news, will keep my eye out for bike hope you get it back

Oh no! Really sorry:crying:

Sh#t news, sad to hear that some scotes have taken your bike. Nice looking bike that, can’t understand how they manage to get rid of these reps though - really standout a mile.

I was scrolling through fleabay to see if my fairings turned up, might be an idea.

Gutted to hear this, fingers crossed for you n hope it turns up

:O. Eyes peeled. If you need a car let me know.

Just a little bump for you,
Hope you find it, I’ll keep my eyes/ears open over my way!

Shite news…:angry:

What is it with Greenwich? From this forum it seems that it and it’s environs are No.1 bike nicking area???

Time for our Metropolitan Police chums to send a SWAT team down for some serious placing of ‘sting’ bikes ???

i am feeling it for you here my blood is boiling!!!

between london and kent i reckon, people coming in and out etc.

Yeh, I know it’s very worrying.

I just want to figure out exactly what they did now to get it out but the paice of it is I am having to fight tooth and nail it seems to get someone on this estate to look at the CCTV. Considering I’m a resident and they want people to look out for one another it seems they have put it on the last of the priority here.
Apparently the broken lift is more important!! Grrrrrr!

What is it with people???

Sorry to hear about this.

CCTV operator? Prime suspect I’d say…

Are they telling you that the CCTV operator is too busy looking for footage of the lift being broken to look at footage of your bike being nicked?:crazy:

Can’t he have two screens and look at both tapes at once? Thought these security guards were supposed to be able to monitor a bank of screens. Sounds very frustrating for you- hope you get some results.

Sad news this.

If you are insured 3rd pt fire+theft then it is coverd,

3rd pty only, then you have to pay, dont take no s…t from them.

good luck, hope its recoverd soon in one peace,