Bikes been nicked - HELP

My bikes been nicked about half hour ago - theiving scums

Police know, please please pm me if any news or its seen

R6 Rossi Replica 07 - RJ57 UGZ

From Greenwich area, parked underground.

Gonna go out now and start looking.

i live two minutes away ill keep my eyes out

Sorry to read this… :frowning:

really sorry to read this - good luck with finding it or subsequent insurance sorting

Bast**ds! I’ll keep my eye out for you girl, I live in the area too. Good luck and I hope it’ll be found soon.

Really sorry to hear this! :pinch:

I also live in the not too distant area and will kee my eyes and ears open, both out and about and at work… :wink:

oh no!, i work closeby and if i have any bikes like that in at work i`ll check it out.

Another one!

Damn it - i feel your pain. Can we PLEASE set a trap for these guys!

Ah gutted for ya!

Sorry to hear it gone. Good luck

Really sorry to hear!

It is a nice bike as well.

Will keep an eye out …

Go have a look round the local shitty parts - and lift some covers if you’re not too sure what’s underneath - sometimes they wait to see if there’s a tracker on it before moving it on.

Sorry to hear - been there too.

och sorry to read this… fingers crossed will pan out ok in the end.

Sorry to hear this. I go through Greenwich daily so will keep an eye out.

Thanks guys, I’m contemplating going out to look but whats the chances really???!

I need some advice too, since I’ve never had this happen before. I didn’t know that the police wont actually recover the bike unless you pay for the serivce which is between £150-300. The insurance company reckon they can’t tell me if they will pay for this as it takes them 48hours to process it. Dosn’t make any sense to me. Obviously I want my bike back but do I just pay it or what??? So frustrating you pay your tax etc and insurance and they might not possibly get it back for you???

Sorry to hear this, have you let BABT know?!/pages/BABT-Bikers-Against-Bike-Theft/160666080621886

Sorry to hear about your bike getting stolen. I also had my race rep R6 stolen in November. The police asked me the same thing where they will secure your bike upon finding it for a fee. I didn’t go for this option as when the police find your bike they will inform you of the location and you can go personally and move it or call your insurance company with the location and they will pick it up. I’m not sure what the timescale is for the insurance to collect.

You never know. They may leave it somewhere and wait to see if the tracker will have picked up. But your biggest chances of spotting it will be in the next 24 hours I think. If you can, find a couple of people to go and look for it with you around the estates etc.

To be honest, I’d pay for the recovery if they find it. You don’t want to leave it by the road once they found it.

I have been out already around woolich area but I kept steaming up as dont have a car so using the VFR!! I turned around after thinking there are so many roads it could be anywhere!!
BUT I want to find the bike so if anyone wants to help me look then i’m keen!! I also did see a few police vans & cars on my short trip so I’m hoping someone might pick it up if it does happen to be standing out there on its own!!
The weather isn’t helping I know though.

Whenever we find a stolen bike we run it through the system, find out a phone number and usually call the owner ourselves, although some may do it through the despatch. The check will tell us if the vehical is stolen, and if the owner has asked for it to be secured. If they don’t want it secured, we’ll call them there and then and offe the option again, and if they say they will be along to pick it up straight away, and we don’t get an urgent call, we have been known to wait for the owner to pick the bike up themselves.

I’m pretty sure that you can claim the money back from insurance, but obviously that will depend on the insurer and the level of insurance. :wink:

Crap news. Ref the chances of finding it - I found a stolen scooter once - so well worth riding round and checking out the local estates - you never know.

Good luck either way.