bikes and keys

just noticed today that my house key (on the same keyring as my bike key) has cause a little scratch on the pvd finish on the top yoke on my bike.
do you guys and gals keep your other keys in a type of pouch/have no other keys on the keyring/or do something else to prevent this?

I used to only keep my bike key on the ring and would attach it to my lanyard when not on the bike.

You could get a yoke cover like one of these.

I used to do the same, house and bike keys on the same keyring. A close friend told me about a similar experience like yours, since then I’ve separated them :slight_smile:

My main bike dont have any keys!:stuck_out_tongue:

I keep them seperate as i have house keys/bike key/garage key and padlock keys so its too much lol.

my second bike has no key :slight_smile:

i keep my GSXR key on a lanyard also

Bike key only with a soft fob so don’t get the classic semi circular scratch on the yoke:D

might have to give the lanyard option a go. another option i’ve thought of is to use a smaller diameter split ring, might just be short enough to keep the other keys off the yoke and not hit anything else. may give that a try, failing its uses it can go on the main part of the lanyard to hold the house key etc

Nah, just bin the ignition!

lol, does this mean kick starting the 600cc every morning :stuck_out_tongue: (assuming it a 600cc bike)