Hi all

just wondering if anyones had any dealings with

seen a couple of things on there that i want, and wanted to known what they were like


I’ve been trying to find some info online about the site. A few things make me a bit too suspicious to give them my card details:

  • no companies house information for a company called bikersbargains or anything similar.
  • no physical address for the company (always rings alarm bells). only contact details are an 0800 number and an email address.
  • no address in the whois information (see below)
  • the domain is registered to a non-trading individual
  • £100 off an Arai Corsair? Hmmm… Huge stock list, with some pretty big discounts. I’m doubtful that someone with that much stock would be operating out of their bedroom.

Maybe it’s a genuine site but I’d rather hear from a few satisfied customers before risking handing over any cash.

Whois entry:

Companies House search:

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