Bikers Loft, Belgium

Feeling the ground for a ride-out to the Bikers Loft

If we can fit it in this Autumn well and good, but if not I can plan it for the spring 07.

For those who would like to go for the day it’s a good ride and a good place to eat lunch, but for those who like a good drink in the evening and to listen to a good band it’s a hotel as well. You can park the bikes actually inside the joint for the night. Take a look at the website folks and tell me what you think. I’ll be happy to organise it all if you want me to.


wouldn’t mind going overninght… PM me when you start the planing…

Hey Sunny,

Would really like to do this but have quite a bit on over the next few weekends; if you plan to do again in the spring let AJ and I know would love to give this a whirl.


Debs and I would be up for this next spring - as long as it didnt clash with the Isle of Man TT as we are booked to go there

Great you chaps! Thought I’d get no response.

So I’ll try and arrange something for the spring, yeah?

Yeah sounds good. 25th May to 18th June inclusive are when we are in the Isle of Man - any other weekends are good with us - if this doesnt suit we wont mind if you go without us

Yeh Sunny count AJ and I in for this; would have liked to have gone sooner but someone needs Visas so best puting off til the spring and we can sort in good time!!!

oh yeah who would that someone be

Are you following me???

no i was merely commenting in a thread where my name was mentioned.

Hi Guys

What happened on Sunday ?

I met some of them in a pub to see the race and they lost people ? I then took peeps for a few miles after and nobody was lost.

The erm…slightly built girl that organized it seems to let these things happen all too often and does not really know what she’s doing .

When is the next ride leaving from town ? need to make an effort now the cold is setting in.

Cheers fats

oops wrong topic