Bikers in paradise
£6 entry (£10 inc zoo)

anyone been to it in the past, or knows what’s going to be there?
is it worth going?

Went a couple of years ago, worth seeing the animals…there was some stunting etc too, good day out in all and a nice ride there.


I was planning to go to Tim’s ride, but really want to see Sparky’s stunts there.

I’m tempted to arrange a rideout from the Ace to the event. Good idea?

I’m told it starts at 9:30am by the organisers, though may be subject to change. So we could leave the Ace at 8:30 … bit of an early one. If the show repeats during the day, we could leave later.

I’ll keep you updated :smiley:



IM up for this,prob: see you all there,:smiley:

Here’s the link to book tickets -

You need to scroll down to the option:

BIKERS IN PARADISE (Limited time discount)I think its £10 on the door too, so worth saving £4 in advance

I will be there with Mr Sparky as per normal :slight_smile:

We went last year, it was a great day out. Sparky’s stunts were excellent and a martial arts performance was interesting. Lots of great critters to see too. It was a nice ride to get there too. :smiley:

We were going on Tims ride out, but may have to stay in and clear up after the builders have finished.:frowning:

If you are going, enjoy. :slight_smile:

Think we’ll come on this one, get it moved to the rideouts forum!

I’ll put one in now :slight_smile: I’ll probably try and bring a few others along too

Done: Event / rideout is posted up here. Be great if we can get a few more joining