Bikers In Paradise Show

Hertfordshire Biker magazine has teamed up with the Herts Air Ambulance Appeal and the Pardise Wildlife Park to stage the first Bikers in Paradise show.

The Show will take place at the Paradise Wildlife Park, in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire, on 26 April 2009. Entrance to the show will be £10 per person (£7 children) with all the money going to the Herts Air Ambulance Appeal and the Wildlife Heritage Foundation.

As well as the usual variety of the retail stands and stalls, we are expecting biking and non-biking celebrity appearances, parades and displays of classic bikes, stunt riding and live music (hopefully with 80s sensations Modern Romance headlining).

Entrance to the bike show also includes access to the zoo, with a fantastic range of animals including an outstanding collection of big cats, the children’s adventure world, as well as the other on-site attractions such as the UK Speedway Museum.

It should be a great day-out. Why not come along and help to make the show a major annual event in the Spring calendar.

More details will be posted here as they become available. For more information, or if you are interested on booking a pitch, email [email protected]

Free copies of Hertfordshire Biker magazine can be obtained from the same email address.

Thats a Sunday isn’t it?

Sounds like one for the diary:cool:

Jesus, nothing like giving us plenty of warning is there…Modern Romance:w00t:

For anyone who doesn’t know the area, Paradise Park is a stones throw away from The Coach and Horses, Newgate Street Village. The home of the Inbreds Meet and The Sausage Sizzle:cool:

Maybe we could combine the two?:wink:

defo…one will have a spanlking new steed by then:D

“There are indeed worse groups than Modern Romance. But can anyone seriously think of one?” (Morrissey, 1985, in Star Hits)

Seriously, though, this will be great, Paradise Park is a top place to take kids to and surrounded by great riding roads for before and after. See you there.

Love & chocolate,

Excellent, its in the diary for 2009 :slight_smile:

awesome, might even be living up near there by then! :smiley:

Spitting distance from us, will put this in my diary, as we often visit the zoo with the kids anyway, and this entrance price is cheaper than the usual entry to the zoo! :smiley:

This is def one for the diary, but to side track? im kinda getting distracted by certain avitars floating about nowdays !!! :wink: What are you lot like? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds great:D:D

Just bumping this!

Has anyone booked their tickets yet? :slight_smile:

I’ll hold your hand Chunks :kiss:

back off alex…:smiley:

defo be attending this:cool:


So what have you bought then?

i bough chunky choclates and flowers:D

or you refering to my old post on this thread? My SV duuuude:w00t::smiley:

:w00t: Just saw the date on your post. Blimey - talk about diggin’ 'em up! :hehe:

I’ve been told by the organiser that this event is shaping up really nicely :slight_smile: I’m going to be there to help out with bike stands (particularly race ones).

I’m really excited - there is a bloke going called Mike Edwards and he is going to be talking about his racing. He has a wicked bike that he has named ‘Gordon’:

“Tired of hearing people saying that road based Supermonos are uncompetitive, Mike ‘Spike’ Edwards rescued me, a Yamaha SZR, from a salvage yard, after spotting and bidding for me on Ebay.
I cost him just £454; and now with only his years of experience, a half decent reputation and a very limited budget, he’s going to take me on a British Supermono Championship campaign.
I have some very ‘special friends’ who have all rallied round to support the campaign - please click on the ‘Friends’ link to find out more, and visit their websites.”

Here is the show forum:

“If you would like to sell tickets on our behalf, we will give you one FREE one for every 10 than you sell.”

It’s all been set up as non commercial and is supporting Herts Air Ambulance :slight_smile:

I’m coming just to ask Gabs pointless questions on her stand… :hehe:

Will there be a cake stall?:smiley: