bikers gearbox, pi55 takers

Continuing on from my thread a while back i was at the london excel bike show thing and thought would clock how much bikers gearbox were selling the same jacket i bought for £50 last yr, i found on their website back then they sell em normally for £40 This yr they are selling em em £59 at the show and £40 on the website still
cheeky cvnts:

I dare say they aren’t the only ones mate! :wink:

Still, they are very very cheeky! :stuck_out_tongue:

i dont doubt m8 but it is a good point to all to check prices of anything you may want b4 going to shows, dont expect everything to be cheaper.

Is that a Schott jacket? If it is, that’s very cheap. There’s a shop in Camden selling them for £140.

nope not a schott jacket but saying that my m8 has 1 of them and it is about the same as the 1 i have.

Yep defo check what you’re buying online first and at least if you’ve got a web phone you can even check whilst at the show…

There’s no rules to say a stall has to be cheaper at the show than on the website though…

Nice waistcoat BTW…:slight_smile: