bikers down R.I.P

A13 was closed off due to an accident with a motorcycle as well as the A12 with another accident

accident on the A13 happened at about 3pm and was still closed at about 8.30pm!!

surely it wouldn’t be closed for this long if it wasn’t a fatality or would it?

spoke to a copper he said the fella was badly injured

and also got a phone call from a mate doing his DAS test this morning saying that a fella he was paired up with it was his mate who came off on the A12 only 17 and the poor sod died R.I.P fella


R.I.P. biker


i think im right but if the accident looks bad and it could be fatal then they have to do all they can to find out why it happened,it doesent mean it is a fatality but just that the rider is badly hurt and may not surrvive.

bad news all round.




This is very trgic indeed and a little to close to home as I use both these roads on a regular basis as do all my riding buddies. :crying:

(I can’t find anything about it on the Essex News Websites) :unsure:

i couldnt find anything either maybe cause it was still getting looked at to see what happened!!

i fill for the fella doing his test today hes gotta ride thinking about what happened to his mate!!

cant be good for the concentration!!

since ive been on the track ive only been on the road twice and both times some idiot has nearly had me off!!!

im thinking of handing the roads to the cars and just enjoy the track

RIP :frowning:

I wondered why the traffic was backed up all the way from work in Wapping, had to use back roads through Tower Hamlets to get to the A12.

What a tragedy RIP.

R.I.P fella

Correct. Accident Investigators are called out to assess the road and position of the vehicles. Assessment of the vehicles is done at a Pound.

RIP bikers! May you forever ride free.

rider surviving or not, accident investigation in these serious collisions always take place.

Sad news, R.I.P:(

rip that man, nearly been there myself, thank god I am still here…

bad news. :frowning:

R.I.P fellow biker.

R.I.P. mate.

I spoke to someone in the know last night and said biker is still alive but unfortunately he lost both his legs:crying: apparently accident was caused by a white van…W****R

ah man i fill for him big time

i went down the a13 thursday night and it looked really bad there was still claret every where in the road covered in sand, pieces of bike scattered and a visor at the side of the road!!

the fella must have been dragged alone as there was scars from the bike for a good 50-60 foot then claret for a good 15 foot or so!!!:sick:

there was another biker down on the a12 the same night kid was only 17 he was a mate of a mate!
he clipped a curb flipped it and landed on a fence…:frowning: R.I.P

I think the accident in which the guy lost his legs is a seperate accident to the one on the a13 as i passed through by the one in which the guy lost his legs it was right outside limehouse police station on west india dock rd (a1261) very sad day indeed for bikers :crying: R.I.P