biker who stopped to help the girl on a ccm

already posted this on another forum but thought i should post up here too incase the guy on the blade (if i remembered it right) is a member.
red purple and white blade i Think, black leathers and red and white lid. if you’re on here, just want to say a big big thank you for intervening and stopping a potentially nasty situation.

i’m ridin home last nite along the a501 ring road heading east, i’m filtering thro traffic, not in any rush to get anywhere so i’m tootling along, not filtering agressively, just passing when i can and some guy in a people carrier took real offence to me going to filter past him.

so he keeps pulling out to try and stop me getting past. no probs, not in a rush so after a couple of attempts i back off and wait for a better time to go past him. when i do go past, he moves out again but wasnt quick enough so i got past and head off down the road.

the next thing i see in my mirrors is this twat over taking a line of cars to catch me up flashing his lights, beeping his horn and driving like a twat to catch me up at the traffic lights. the lights change so i pull away sharpish and try to get a few more cars between us. the knob does it again, over taking a load of cars and manages to get behind me.

by this time i’m starting to get a little concerned, to say the least. he’s right up on my back wheel, beeping and reving his engine, goin for over/under takes that are just plain dangerous. no roads that i can turn down, loads of traffic, cant go no where.

at the next lights (red lights at a ped crossing so i had to stop) he very deliberately hits me pretty hard in the back wheel and shunts me 3 or 4 ft forwards, onto the crossing. and thats with me holding the brakes. i only just managed not to drop the bike and hit a couple of peds.

wtf is the point in that?

i whack the bike on the side stand and as i’m about to get off, i feel him pull up Onto my back wheel. i’m fuckin Livid now so i’m off, at his window telling him to get his piece of shit family car off my back wheel before i boot the side of his car with my toe sliders.

He gets out the car, shouting and swearing and towering over me like i’m gona back down cos he’s bigger than me! fuck, i’ve had people all my life try that so size doesnt intimidate me. not one bit. some one of his size squaring upto a 4ft10 girlie aint no hard man, he’s a fuckin coward.

plus i still had my helmet an full body armour on so what could he do really just hoped he couldn’t see how much i was shaking its starting to get a bit over heated and the next thing i know there’s this leather clad arm comes over my shoulder and this dude has him by his throat up against his car telling me to get back on my bike and go and him to pick on someone his own size. at this he starts goin “i dont want no trouble i dont want no trouble”

so he’s ok to kick off and scream and shout and try and deliberately knock someone off their bike if they’re tiny female and on their own but when someone of equal size gets involved all you wana do is get back in your fucking people carrier and scuttle off like the pussy arsed cowardly spinless wanker you really are

so thank you who ever you were, i wish i’d coulda thank you properly at the time. if you’re on here i owe you a beer. hope fully the knob might think twice before doing that again.

all i can say is, that was a beauty headbutt mate

<rant over>

Good man … whoever you are !

That’s an outrage! Where were the police and other drivers…

Whoever it was top bloke.

police: no where

other drivers: sat and watched. infact, i’m sure i saw one of em jump out pop to a shop and grab some pop corn

Top Man!!!

car driver sounds like a complete arsehole got what he deserved i hope.

…blimy…! … what the fuck is going on in this day and age…!!! hmmm…the problem is i could quite easily see if i got into that situation i would of probably seen red…and kicked the shit out of him and then probably got done for GBH…

but hey…glad you came out of this ok…

who is this masked man…?

The guy sounds pretty psychotic to be honest. It sounds like a one off to me.

I would have taken his plate no down n sprayed some sharp fragrance into his froggy eyes

Are there cameras along that road???

It was a good thing a big rider came along or else Heavens knows what would have happened.

The guy is probably a misogynist and recognised you were female. Maybe his wife left him that day

What a C**T!!! (excuse the language)

I’m glad to hear that you’re ok Pixie, hope your lovely CCM is alright too. I can’t believe anyone would do such a thing must have been a crackhead; and if I were there and saw that he would have got more then a headbutt starting on a lovely girl like you, and it’s not like you provoked the attack either. I’m really glad the guy on the fireblade helped you out though and deserves a beer! Did you get a number plate or anything?

Haven’t heard from you in a while either Pixie, take care and ride safe…


Were the Police called ?

Outrageous that none of the other drivers came to help.

Sorry to the general public but anytime I get into difficulties I never expect anyone to help. People are generally selfish. However I have been proven wrong at the most significicant times when people who have no cause to have jumped in. It gives me a warm feeling.

Also if the police were called would they have gotten there in time? I am sure it happened very quickly. I think the headbutt would have been more effective. In some cases I think violence is the only answer. Police cannot headbutt people

Good man…who ever he was…

Hope you are ok now Pixie…

Woa ur so lucky the guy on the blade showed up. most people would of just sat and stared.

Im glad your not hurt

I hope this hasn’t put you off riding

did you get the drivers Reg plate?

P.s do u go down ace quite a bit with that tall guy on the Carbon Fibre KTM ?

well done to whoever helped you…

man that is one scary situation… that would have freaked me right out but you get people like that who think they own the road…

Choc Fawn - I see you’re taking the deodorant thing to heart… nice one and cheaper than pepper spray…

Having had a personal exerience like this almost a year ago to the day all I can say is that I’m very glad that you came out of it unscathed although I’m sure your now very worried about what people are doing behind you. I certaily still am. Ended up with 2 broken elbows, a broken forearm, 12 inches of stiches, 9 screws, a plate and w/off bike from being deliberately rear ended at some lights

All I can say is avoid aggressive drivers in towns as it is likely to end in your tears

Yeah AbbeyJ. When I was reading I remembered what you said about the guy at the traffic lights and I became enraged. Besides twats like these deserve as much pain as you can give out

Pixie, glad to see you are OK and that there are people who are willing to stand up and be counted. Well done to both of you. Hopefully next time this dick head wont pull a stunt like that.

Does’nt it just go to show that there are some decent people in this life. Whoever the guy on the Blade was I admire him and hope I would step up to help a fellow biker in the same way!! I’d definatley shout a round if you find out who he is.

Glad to see your ok though. I really can’t belive there are people like this

I’m glad whoever it was came to your aid

the bloke that came to your rescue it restores your faith in human kindness,the driver was obviously a complete son of a bitch who was getting a lashing from the missus probably just told him he had a small cock and thats why she slept with his cousin who just happened to be a biker…you where in the wrong place at the wrong time…maybe

anyway take care

Biker Soladarity thats what i like to hear…god knows what the guy in the mpvs problem was, did uclip his wing mirror n not realise…either way what a tosser. glad ure ok thats the maing thing!!!

Dont judge mpvs to harshly, my dad just bought one and ive been driving it some time…wonder if i ca get my bike in it