Biker to the rescue :)

awesomeness :cool:

thats pretty kool

i can imagine you doing this Jamie but it being a fat chick in the thames :slight_smile:

Wow!! :slight_smile:

need a bigger rope :smiley:

your always welcome to borrow my belt for such emergencys :wink:

that’s fricking epic… that bloke doesn’t f*ck about!

wtf that could have been sex and dinner for the night if he kept it:pinch:

How cool is that!!! And how sweet!!!

I don’t understand how you find this stuff!!

I like your style. That could have been sex, dinner and some leather pants.

he has an immense amount of time on his hands…

In this case he was looking for “biker+goat+hot+wet+outdoors” but didn’t quite find what he was looking for… :stuck_out_tongue:

Ebaums World :smiley:

Ha, I LOVE Ebaums Worlds it’s just a shame some of the more shocking sites have now turned into bad porn, I used to love Bad Jo Jo :frowning: is still awesome though!

Awesome video :slight_smile: