Biker (s) Down on A2 last night

Big traffic jam on the A2 Coast bound last night due to an accident, not into rubber necking but noticed a few bikes, may have been parked up to help rather than being involved but couldn’t see any damaged cars so assume it was a bike/bikes involved, hope it wasn’t anyone from here. police and 2 ambulances were at the scene.

I think this could well have been someone I know from work actually. If it was the same incident I can say that the rider is OK, no broken bones just some aches and bruises. Don’t know anymore, where about’s did you see this?

Not exactly sure mate, too busy watching out for lane changers but I’d guess it was roughly between Falconwood and Bexley.

Hi JJON, saw this last night too see link - if its the same one as TheUnforgiven knows about then glad the riders ok

Thanks for the link mate, let’s hope the rider was OK. And a big well done to the riders who stopped to help.