Biker Policeman Killed

This link was posted on another forum early today; I don’t think it’s anywhere on here:

Perhaps he was dazzled by the beautiful bright sun low in the sky (although it was probably too early).

Do take care, fellow riders.

Love and deepest sympathy for his family, friends and colleagues…

Very sad news.

RIP :doze:

My condolences to this fellas family, colleagues and friends

Stay safe people:cool::cool:

RIP fellow and peace to your family

blimey thats why M1 was shut and we had to go long way round to get down ace, RIP and condolences to his friends and family :crying:

Deeply sad and respect to his family, RIP.

Very sad to lose anyone, so young, biker or not. It obviously adds a certain summit when its someone like plod (servicepersons). These days they really do put themselves on the line for us.


Bad news. RIP


A reminder to us all that even one of the best can come off worst.

Deep regret and sympathy for the family.


The office was a serving mounted officer based at Hammersmith Stables, it is being treated as a single vehicle collision at this time but is being investigated. He leaves behind a wife and child, all our condolences to them

total bummer, if it was early in the morning could have been ice easy, i was out at 7.30 yesterday and it was bloody freezing, with some very dodgy bits of road…

RIP biker, condolences to his family…

Jesus! He would have been one of the guys who rode past my shop every single day!!


It is actually worth than that.
The guy was a friend of a mum at my son’s school in Ealing and she talked to me about it this afternoon as I show up for the kid football on my bike.
The poor sod had 3 kids…

thats very sad news

i hope the police have some sort of fund that can help his family out

my heart goes out to the family, terrible stuff



very sad RIP

My condolences to his family. Awful news. The worst.