Biker Memorial Forum??

Given that over the last year there have been several riders connected with LB or friends of LB’ers that have died riding. should there be a Memorial section on the site so that we dont forget them

all to often people are forgotten by all but their close friends and family and I thought it might be nice, with families approval, to have a memorial page.

this is of course subject to the site owners agreeing and setting it up.

just an idea, what do you think???


That’s a little strong innit?This phrase is traditionally used to refer to those who gave their lives defending our freedom, lest we forget the sacrifice they made. To apply it to those unfortunate enough to buy the farm while voluntarily participating in a dangerous activity for kicks or to simply get to work takes weight from the phrase IMO. Don’t think the forum’s a bad idea though, unless it turns out to be like most others, where every random bike death makes it on there, whether the victim is known to forumites or not. Then it just gets dull. The idea of a thread of RIP’s for someone that no-one knew just because they enjoyed doing what you enjoy doing is just daft… Have you any idea how many poor individuals die masturbating every year? Shall we have a thread for each of those?:smiley:

the idea is that the memorial page will be for LBers and their friends (as it say in the original post),with the permission of their families as a proper memorial not just forthe biker we did not know who was sadly killed as for your last comment, this was a serious question about remembering those people who died doing what we all enjoy, biking, and there was no need to belittle it with stupid comment about your other hobby. nuff said.

These kind of forums take some “strong moderating”, for them to have any value they should be limited to messages relating to LB members only, typically people will post any old biker killed story given half the chance and it takes some confidence in the moderator to remove a post regarding some chaps second cousin twice removed who bought it on the A1 in York but never set foot in London.

Having said that if everyone knows that any “off topic posts” will be romoved to a more general forum and this is followed through they can be a touching memorial.

The VFR Club Fallen Friends forum is a good example of a memorial forum, there’s only one that was not closely associated with the club

Has any LBer died in 2007? I am aware of a memorial ride for one who died in 2006, but not aware of anyone in 2007.

sounds good but some good comments too on here…I think its worth it to help us remember…and I dont think ‘the lest we forget’ statement diminishes the people who died fighting for our freedom, this government takes our freedoms away every bloody day…they have no respect for why we got them in the first place…but thats my humble opinion…

fantastic gesture bluestar but …

in my honest oppinion it would be too morbid for me…i dont like to be reminded that everytime i go out on my bike,i might not come back…

think of it as you will but just the odd post for me is enough…:wink:



i think its a good idea for those that are gone too be remembered, i voted yes.

I’m not sure it’s a good idea.

As smiled said it is a bit morbid and I believe everyone has their own way of remembering their fallen friends. Do they really need an online reminder?

No disrespect to anyone but I don’t think an online memorial remembrance is the way forward, to be honest most of us are on here to have a laugh and to pass on good and bad experiences not to trade names of those that have left us as a result of doing something we all love to do. We all know the dangers of biking but all still choose to ride and there’d be endless threads of upsetting stories and I’m sure I’m not alone when I say, I didn’t join LB to read about riders dying, I’m pretty sure there are websites especially dedicated to these types of stories and I don’t feel that LB is one of those sites, again no offence to anyone, we’ve all lost someone or know a friend of a friend thats passed on due to biking.

I think you know what answer I’m leaning towards…

You know I didn’t take offence at your post and I would ask that you don’t take offense at mine.

The request was about a forum specificaly to remember members of LB who have been killed riding their bikes. If you were here a couple of years ago you’d remember Ali, you’d remember his contribution and the way this place pulled together when he died.

You weren’t here so I would suggest that the value of a forum to remember those members who have been killed may well not yet be an appropriate consideration for you.

Now I would agree that repeated posts of “this biker bought it here blah blah blah” are a tad tedious and not really my cup of tea but a dedicated place to keep alive the mempory of members lost could be a good thing if it’s managed properly. After all it may well enable poeple who arrive later to understand some of the histpry of this place and some of the people who made it what it is.

Just my opinion and no offense intended

Just a suggestion, but I would have thought that it would make more sense to have a memorial page on the main LB site regarding the person concerned rather than use the forum. I think the comment features of the main site would allow people to record their reminiscences etc in an appropriate way. This would of course be in addition to any discussion in the forums but would help keep the memorial and tribute part of this separate from any general discussion of the circumstances etc surrounding the tragedy etc which I think will be more difficult using the forum. It would help ensure a permanent memorial everyone can participate in rather than a general discussion of the event etc. It means someone will have to create the page when this happens, but we all hope and expect that this will not be a common event.

Giuliano’s suggestion sounds like a workable solution. And I’m glad to hear that it is not required for anyone since Ali.So is anybody oferring to create something?

Not at the moment.

However it’s something we are looking at. Something like this needs to be carefully handled. As you can see with the variety of responses here what’s the right idea for one may not be for someone else.

So it’s on the list of things to look at for now. :slight_smile:

I think its an absolutely horrible idea.

These people live on in our minds and in our hearts. There’s no need to have them, their lives and their details splashed on an online forum where anyone can access and view. Do we need a whole forum dedicated to bikers who died? I dont think so. It reminds us of how fragile our lives are and how the thread that connects us to this world can be shattered oh so quickly, whilst doing something that we love (riding).

On the other hand, it wouldnt harm to simply have the forum there for those who want it, and those who voted ‘No’ can simply choose not to enter it or view the posts in there.

Just my 2c