Biker, just moved to London, need some advice!

Awesome :slight_smile:

funny thing is if the sun had been out more last Friday, I would of been there.

thanks a lot for the advice guys,especially Conrad B.

To the guys who ever so helpfully predicted that I am inevitably going to loose my bike - that’s not helpful.

Its got an oxford chain and a Hawk X50 Pro immobilizer. Which should keep it safe.

I like the idea of getting around on pushbike until I get a job, then re insure the bike.

My brother had his expensive push bike stolen, whilst chained up outside CHURCH!

“Its got an oxford chain and a Hawk X50 Pro immobilizer. Which should keep it safe”
Luke - get an almax chain mate. An Oxford chain isnt much of a deterrent & a bike such as an zx6 is a very sort after bike amongst thieves. If you aren’t familiar with London, trust me!

Yes deffo get an almax, oxford chain wont last 2 seconds! and word of advice never leave yiur bike unattended without said almax, even for 5 minutes, they will be watching you!
earn your money in london to pay for those amazing trips :wink:

Your only real protection in London is fully comp insurance …Everything else is just sticking plasters , cheap chinese sticking plasters …with bad glue … and its raining .

lukebolger (25/08/2013)thanks a lot for the advice guys,especially Conrad B.

To the guys who ever so helpfully predicted that I am inevitably going to loose my bike - that’s not helpful.

  • Welcome to LB!!!

welcome =] i know you said your insurance is up but come up tea hut in black heath on Wednesday should not take to long to walk/cycle/bus it from catford.


Get out of central London. It’s not really that much fun in central, Kent, Surrey are you’re friends. ZX6-R Great bikes!

yea ok ill come on wednesday!

where is it?

Whats so great about the almax chain? A chain is a chain right?

I should also add, my zx6r is a 98 model! But its custom sprayed in candy green same as the new x12rs

Don’t post on here what your bike looks like & where you live and then tell them what security you have & haven’t got. They’ll find it even easier then.

Welcome to London, get out in the country at the weekends to satisfy the need for speed, don’t chance it in town.

Google youtube & oxford/almax chains. You will see for yourself.

A friend of mine told me to get an almax when I had my R6, i told him i had bought an abus chain, cost me a fortune. couple months later it had been bolt cropped in seconds! now we both have almax and both still own our bikes! Its a huge mother of a chain that will probably make them forget it!

Alright buddy, glad to be of help!

I (and the rest of LB) welcome you to London, my wonderful native city.

I don’t have an Almax - I use a non-branded chain and padlock, and I use a heavy duty padlock as a disk lock - you can get those special disk locks but because I’m cheap I use a standard padlock and put it aroun the disk.

Don’t be put off by all the theft talk - you’ll be alright but we have to stay vigilant because theft is rife as previously mentioned.

The Almax brand of chains are massive and super heavy duty - they don’t fit in to the jaws of most bolt croppers because the links are so thick.

I’ve got a 2003 A1P ninja, when I park up I always use the chain and disk lock and touch wood I’ve never had it stolen.

So is yours a G model? I’d love to see the paint job! As mentioned above it’s sometimes best not to post it’s location and visual description, because of the theft thing again… God I feel like I’m saying that your bike is going to get nicked several times over!

How many miles you got on the bike? Does it sometimes pop out of second gear into a false neutral? Have you done any mods which have had a positive effect? What rubber do you run?

I love ninjas :smiley:

They’re not trying to put you off mate… just pointing out that a healthy dose of paranoia is required if you keep a bike in London. My paranoia would have me keeping the bike back in Wales whilst uninsured (if you’ve somewhere safe to keep it), and bringing it back to London once you’ve got your employment and insurance situations sorted.

On the up-side, you’ll soon get used to riding in London traffic and if you’re like me, you might even enjoy it :slight_smile: Can’t beat riding around some of central London’s famous landmarks on your own personal bike city tour! Check out this YouTube vid by Royal Jordanian to see what I mean. Best things: Riding down Park Lane during rush hour passing all the posers in their £££ Bentleys, Maybachs, Porsches and Ferraris who are stuck in a jam; being able to park cheaper & more easily than car drivers (usually); treating London traffic as your own personal obstacle course and playing games on your commute like ‘Beat my Best Time’! :smiley: Loads of other bikers around and you really feel part of a community here (when I lived in Scotland, you might commute into the city during winter and not encounter a single other bike!!!); You don’t need to use public transport, sharing your commute with rudeboys and arrogant city types.

Almax chains are mostly good because they’re so thick (clever heat treating is just the icing on the cake)

Cheaper versions are available - I got a 16mm squire lock from PJB security, they also do a 14mm which would be cheaper & lighter. I wouldn’t go any lower than 14mm diameter though.

Hey Conrad!

Here it is!

Note, The paint job is stellar, however, the finish wasnt great, for example the color and coat i couldnt fault but I dont think they lacquered it as its chipping off all over the place! I guess when I can afford it Ill get it re sprayed and re lacquered properly!

It doesn’t pop out of second that Ive noticed but Its getting harder and harder to find neutral! Sometime it will be in neutral and the green light doesnt light up, other times not and it stalls when the clutch is out. Really weird!

Wish I could afford the insurance I would love to go for a ride with you!

It has a D&D exhaust which is awesome, idles a bit rough tho, but its fine when its over 3K. Other than that its stock, Im running Micheline Pilot IIs - amazing tyres but Ive only tried them and BT45s on my old gpz so im not an expert!

£70 a month atm for me is just too much :frowning: Being unemployed!

Talking about traffic in central London. I’ll quote one of my fav. movies :slight_smile:
First you hate it, than you get used to it, and let some more time pass you’ll depend on it :smiley:

Its, not so horrible as it looks at first, :slight_smile: When u’ll get used to it, and after u’ll learn how to filter it will be a breeze, the only thing which will be in your way - traffic lights and some A***le drivers. Some will make it for you as hard as possible to filter, I dunno if it is their jealousy or bad knowledge of rules.

In the very central London (congestion charge zone) there aren’t a lot if speed cameras. Most of them are red light cams,but be cautious with them. Some are tricky because they are both red light and speed. If it’s speed camera usually there are road marking(for distance) - But that’s not the rule.

Anyway, keep it save as they guys already gave you best instructions on how to :wink: If you ever need a tour in central London lemme know :slight_smile:

man!!! I wish I had insurance now :frowning: I did think about just not changing my address for a couple of months then I would afford it - coz this is a temporary address (staying with in laws!) but that would have landed me in trouble hahah