biker jewelry

Bikerringshop provides the bikers with such a wide range of fabulous jewelries for bikers that you can’t decide on what to buy as you will want them all! That was what happened to me. biker jewelry It provides biker rings and jewelries of superb designs for both men and women bikers. They include bikers wallets, skull bracelets, etc. that match bikers’ personality and give a sense of freedom and independence.

true story! :hehe:

Oh good grief! Wouldn’t been seen dead in any of it - if I was confused as to whether I am a biker or a motorcyclist, their website helps to clarify!

I would point out too, my understanding is, the fact they can e-mail you your password should you forget it, means it’s not being stored safely. (Or should I say, stored in an un-encrypted manner)

Ooooo yuck

Do you make jewellery out of spam?

I love something I can wear AND eat :smiley:

interesting how as soon as I visit the site my shopping basket is empty but totalled at $75