Biker gunman in Tottenham

Fact - North London has escalated violence, including fatal shootings/stabbings between Cypriot and Turkish groups.
Fact - This is one line of a few being investigated.

These are the facts, they are undisputed.

This is awful and does smack of a contract. I agree with most all points of view but Scooterassassin does realise he’s commenting on a story and his name is scooterassassin! Perhaps he’s related to motorcycleassassin? (he who ‘done the job’?) :wink:

wow, people have a lot of ideas about this crime. i guess you wont know the full story - ever.

they stole the idear from the movie payed in full

If I was gonna off somebody, a black Blackbird is definitely the way to go. Quiet, sleek, fast and stealthy.

looks bling