Biker gunman in Tottenham

Happened on the A10 Great Cambridge Road.
Gunman was on a black Blackbird.

Usually I’d say ‘anyone here?’ but I won’t this time :w00t:

thats why it took me ages to get past there today:(

yep, 'twas all closed off

I had to find another way round… bu do u think that it gives bikers a bad name now?

Has the hallmarks of a contract killing so I’d say not but if it was road rage I guess it might. A bit extreme if that was the case though:w00t:

Sounds organised crime related, result of a turf war or such like.

I wouldnt be suprised if it was the Hackney boys who did it…

the english in that article is appalling!!"Following the attack the gunman, riding a black Honda Blackbird motorcycle, rode off towards Wood Green, along with another motorcyclist on a blue, grey and white bike, possible a Suzuki.

Det Ch Insp Andy Redwood said: “This was a busy rush hour junction and we appealing to the public who may have been in the area at the time, have any knowledge of these vehicles and can assist with information on those involved in this shooting to contact the incident room immediately.”"

Sounds very organised to me.

2 Bikes, one the spotter and one the shooter. Spotter trails the car, keeping the shooter well informed of all details. Car stops at lights, shooter pops up, makes the shot and then both bikes rocket away. Helmets and leathers mean it becomes hard to ID suspects as soon as you ditch the bikes.

Clever, clean way of doing it. A lot of thought had gone into this, definitely not road rage.

“The child and a woman in the car were unharmed.”

Seems the guy who was firing knows how to use a weapon. :slight_smile:

Not nice for the kid.

Judging by the victims name it sounds like internecine Turkish underworld shenanigans.

Defo a pro hit…if so, probably deserved it…live by the sword die by the sword. Maybe harsh but likely another dodgy geezer off the streets.

I was wondering…

say it was a muslim in head dress who had committed the shooting. Would there be racial profiling as a knee jerk reaction?

Two motorcyclists were involved in the shooting. A third biker arrested at the scene has been released without charge. **

Without knowing any more, I guess the passing 3rd motorcyclist was profiled by the police already. I can only imagine what public perception in the location of this 3rd biker was like…

Don’t know if that helps your question?

And is that the new form of cold and hardened, modern ‘compassion’, which we can expect, when an innocent child loses his father in this way?

I sometimes wonder if such judgemental statements like this - ‘judging by the victim’s name’ - in the face of death and murder is even appropriate. The thing is, it’s become so common on forums, that I’m starting to think we lose our sense of humanity - and the values of others - because of our own preconceived perceptions about others. Especially foreigners. Even Turkish ones.

Well no judgement here. Just a few £0.01. I don’t know what’s appropriate to say (if anything). I wonder what the child will think when he reads this forum page in say, 15 years time. I guess I’m even thinking to the child - not to hate all bikers, just because of this life changing event. We’re not all like that. And we’re not all devoid of compassion either.

pretty shocking really. In my opinion he was not a ‘biker’ gunman but a gunman who wanted to use the best vehicle to do the job. I doubt he’ll be at any bike meet any time soon. Really sad for the kid, its awful for a child to see that. Another potential gunman filled with anger and deisre for retrebution.? I hope this wont give bikers or bike riders a bad name…I dont think it will IMHO.

ilaçlar, I expect

Would it be inappropriate if I made references to ‘Sarah Conner’ with this gun toting motorcyclist…?

Chillout Scooterassassin! :wink: I agree with your comments! I like a lot of stuff you post as well - intelligent and well thought out - I only made reference to the fact that the guy was Turkish because it chimes with a lot of stuff that has been going on in that area in recent years within the Turkish and Kurdish communities.

The shooting sounds very much like a pre-meditated job where the victim was connected in some way to his assailants rather than a random act of murder. If that proves to be wrong then humble apologies.

Like a lot of people I find the social history of London organised crime quite interesting - in the 50’s and 60’s it was ‘indigenous’ Londoners (most obviously the Krays) and gangs of Maltese origin - both running extortion rackets and vying for control of the vice trade.

My mistake was not to put my comment in context - so it appeared heartless and xenophobic. Sorry.

another shooting…

suprised? no not really.