Biker Gets Up Again!

Remember Carlo Cudicini’s ‘career ending’ bike crash last year? He’s a Goalkeeper for an Association Football Team of (dubious renown) from a poor part of North London don’t you know (or he may be moving somewhere else…:slight_smile:

Anyway he was taken out on his way home from ‘work’ last year whilst riding his motorbike and suffered quite bad injuries…

But despite predictions of end of the game he’s recovered:

Just thought I’d post it up to counter the more regular Biker Down type threads that keep appearing…

Well done him must have taken a lot to come back from that (regardless of how much money he could spend on his recovery it would still take effort)

Thanks for posting this. This is good news. Wouldn’t be surprised if all the top football clubs ban their players from riding bikes.Don’t you just love it when journos who haven’t the first clue about bikes, attempt to write about bikes :hehe:

Superbike? He was on a GS, FFS :w00t: :laugh:

all the TOP clubs have:):hehe:

My understanding is that CC had a clause in his contract banning him from riding but that didn’t stop him appearing at training every day on a bike

That is good news nice to hear that. Thanks for posting it!
Cheers Steve

Pretty sure they’re all under contract not to ride bikes. Didn’t Defoe turn up to something last year on a trike to get round it?