Biker found dead

I know this isn’t London but its near where I live. Don’t know why but seems even more sad that there were no witnesses and he was found at 0400. Wonder how long he’d been there There is a local bike meet near here on Monday night too, its just sad to think he could’ve been lying there for hours before he was noticed if theres no-one at home to report him missing.

Then again it may have just happened and he’s not local but passing through. Either way its sad.


he was found on saturday but my thoughts go out to his family and friends


Ooops Still sad

very sad, poor guy, thoughts go out to those left behind.

This is very sad to read, i hope they find out what happened…

R.I.P Oxfordshire rider

Terrible way to pass away that Poor poor fella.Thoughts are with his family.

Just makes you think if you ended up in a hedge unconsious and bike out of sight, who would report you missing?

Me… no-one apart from work if I’m in the next day otherwise i could be there a very long time

thats really sad to read, R.I.P it just shows how easy it is to go un noticed and how some people dont take care,

Again, tragic. Truck drivers can get hit and not even know it, it’s scary!

i heard a story a while ago, a driver had veered of the A3 in Surrey, it must have been end of summer, cause it was soo overgrown, no one could actually see the car, and no one reported himmissing, until autumn came, the greenery died away, and they found the car, with unrecognisable body.

before i met my gal its something that really played on my mind, ive got no family over here, and until londonbikers, i didnt have any mates local either

Ness and I have an arrangement that she texts me when she sets off for home from Cubana/Soho/etc late at night, so that if something were to happen I would know to go looking. The A3 coming out of London is very dark (not even catseyes) and I’ve seen deer running across it.

Ditto =- i do the same thing!

RIP fellow biker - this has to be one of the saddest stories i have heard!

sad news, living on my own I’m concerned about not being missed if i don’t turn up, doubt the spiders and moths in my house would miss me. Hopefully there can be some sort of positive outcome to this if factors such as road layout etc are found in anyway to have contributed to the tragedy

RIP fellow biker.

This is very sad, RIP pal, for those who are alone… why not set up a buddy system type of thing where you text if yer going on a lone ride out and text when back…I know people usually stick a note on the web thread after they get back from a ride out…again another way of making sure everyone is ok. Most people have the number of the buddy they are riding with - or should have - then just text each other when back!

Maybe some thing set on the web just to stay in touch; where you can log your ride plan etc at least you know there would be someone on here looking!!

Its soo sad when i read the new bits my heart sank in my thoughts goes out to all who ever knew him

its one scary thought ending up alone


thats why i allways ride with someone if i can just in case something happens

Sad stuff

My mates and I have the habit of texting each other when we get home safely. It is very essential for security reasons

This is terrible RIP unknown biker…

Drives home how important it is to let folks know you get home safely.