Biker down

Right outside the CAA on the Kingsway in Holborn this morning. I didn’t see the accident, but it looks as if it hit the back of a dumpster. There’s a forensics tent up (I assume he/she is dead) The rumour already flying around the office is that the biker was de-capitated? But you know how rumours fly about…

Just hope it’s not one of ours.

Probably best then not assisting in spreading sad rumours until the complete facts are known.

I went by not long after it happened and talked to a copper - according to him (and I’d presume he speaks the truth?) the chap didn’t see the bollard, clipped it, came off and slid under a bin lorry.

Lorry driver has since been arrested and the area is being treated as a crime scene.

Let’s just hope he didn’t know too much about it.

Sad for all concerned. It’s a reminder about how dangerous lorries are. I often find myself “filtering” between lorries at silly speeds, when really the chances of surviving something unexpected in that situation is not good…

Ill say this once and won’t be returning to this thread.

You sick twisted F-UCK!!!

Do you think it’s a big thing to come on here and write up such graphic details of someone who has died and their loved ones will be searching for info and this will turn up also as a biker community who the f-UCK wants to read such thing!!!

No respect what so ever I hope I never meet you